Thursday, June 7, 2012

Greetings from Dallas

So far we have had a really great time away in Dallas.  I have really missed the kids but I know they are in great hands.  I have been reading and laying out by the pool while Dave has had to go to work.  At night we all go out to dinner together.  We are with a great bunch of guys.  The first day I was a little shocked at the language and so on but have come to realize that they are good guys.  Not everyone has the same standards as me and that does not make them a bad person, which we have drilled into our kids or years, but we can still accept everyone for how they are.  It also really makes me appreciate how great my husband is and that we really are on the same page for almost everything.  We have eaten at a lot of stake houses.  Dave and I have been sharing every meal.  I eat 1/3 of the steak and most of the veggies.  He eats the rest of the stake plus some veggies and gets shrimp also.  We have still been really full.  It is a good thing we are sharing.  The weather has been good until yesterday late afternoon.  A really big rain storm came in and I could not even see across the small parking lot for a few hours.  Tomorrow the rest of the crew go home, Dave and I will fly back Sunday.  We are going to go touring tomorrow.  One of the guys told us to go to the Dallas World Aquarium.  We looked it up on line and it really looks like a must see.  Right after I post this I am going to look up what else to do.  I will update you when I return.


  1. I'm glad you are having a good time. Laying by the pool reading sounds heavenly!

  2. Fun! Enjoy the rest of your trip!