Friday, May 27, 2016

Nothing Specific

We had no school Monday and Tuesday.  Monday we had a lazy day.  Played some card games, colored, listened to Disney songs, read, nothing exciting.  Dave was busy as we were lazy.  He got a lot done on our stair railings and a door in.

Blake made this Lego creation.

Tuesday we straightened the house up, then took Cora up to meet the bus for rugby.  She had to be there early for taping.

I was thinking that if this is what you have to do to your feet in able to play, perhaps you should not play.  :)  It was the last game of the season and she did really well.  She again got to play hooker.  I dropped her off and headed out to my parents to get some work done on my new counter stools.  They turned out awesome.  When the are all complete I will take a picture.  I had a very short visit before going to Cora's game.  On the way home she was taking the tape off.  We think she is allergic to the tape, so she wanted it off right after the game.  It took her 13 minutes to unwrap and she kept muttering, "Oh, I should have shaved.  Ah, ow!  Yea, really should have shaved."

Had some fun with Leah's hair.

Wednesday was 80's day at school.  I had wanted to go to Party City and get neon leg warmers, but they were not open the day I could go, Monday.  So we spent lots of free time Monday and Tuesday knitting some.  That night Dave had high council and Blake had Scubs than baseball, but they spent a little time and got the 100 running.  Dave had ordered a part for it and it finally came in.

They spent a lot more time riding it Thursday.  Leah punched it a little to hard and it scared her.  She did well, but didn't want to do anymore last night.  Cora and Blake are loving it.  Cora took the bike to check cows last night and Blake spent a long time just riding around the yard.

I learned also.  But we had a good laugh over me riding.  Dave was giving me instruction.  He told me to put it in first, then before he could say anything else the bike took off.  I didn't know where the clutch was, or how to stop, or switch gears.  I went for a little ride around the yard and came back.  They were all laughing at me because I didn't listen to all the instructions.  It was not my fault, the bike just took off, with me on it.  

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