Thursday, June 2, 2016

Stake Man Camp

Last week was our stake 'Man Camp'.  I can not even express the excitement Blake had for this event.  He was counting down and asking about it for weeks.  He and Dave went out Friday night in time for the dinner.  I guess they had planned on about 60 and had 140 show up.

They were a little cold that night.  We should have sent more blankets.  Blake took out his fishing, baseball, knives, and archery stuff.  What a beautiful spot.

Dave and Blake tossed a baseball, and fished.  There was a fireside and hot chocolate at night.  A great breakfast the next morning and tons of activities.  Our ward was in charge of making walking sticks.  And they asked Dave to take that on. One of the stake members had gathered a lot of willow branches and had a brand to put on it.  They were supposed to strip them and brand it.  But by the time Dave and Blake got there Friday, kids had already taken off with most of them and lots had gone in the fire.  Blake was disappointed about that, but he loved every minute of the camp.  He spent most of the day with his friends from our old ward.  Dave also enjoyed talking and catching up with other stake members.  After the activities, lunch was served and then pack up and home.  It was great for my boys to spend that time together.  Little things that make big memories.

While the boys were camping, I had let the girls have a movie marathon, with the condition that they had to get up at 6 the next morning.  We did a cow check and feed the calves, quick shower, and out to help mom with her DUP brunch.  Sunday was our Stake YW recognition night.  Leah had finished another two values, Good Works and Integrity.  Cora earned her Honor Bee.

This week Leah has had two track and fields.  First County, than she made long jump zones.  We spent these days in the sun getting burnt.  But I enjoyed the days talking and hanging out with Melanie, watching our kids.  

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  1. The man camp sounded like fun!! Calum wanted to go so badly but we just couldn't make it work around the boys baseball :( I'm glad Dave and Blake were able to go and had a good time.