Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Friday Cora had her home Rugby Tournament.  I was leaving in the evening to attend Time Out for Women with all the Puzey girls, so I volunteered for the first shift in the concession.  I went for a run in the morning, quick shower and up to work 12-3.  Cora was so sore.  She now has one broken foot and one sprained ankle.  I sat with her for a bit after my shift and had her come run errands to get her out of the sun.  I then dashed home, changed, brushed teeth and over to pick everyone up and drop off Leah. She was watching her cousin Cadence.  It was fun to be with all the girls.  We heard some great messages and wonderful songs.  After we went to DQ and celebrated David's birthday.  Cora had called me during the conference.  It was mandatory for all players to attend the tournament dance that evening.  She had come home to change and grab something to eat.  She started back up and then turned around.  She called to say that she just did not feel good about going.  She knew her coach would be mad.  I was so proud of her for listening to the Spirit, even tho she would get in trouble.  Turns out not much was said the next day.  We had an early start to get back to Time Out.  Again good messages and great music.  I has always bothered me the people that can't stay off of their phones.  And that was me this weekend.  My husband was flying in late, one daughter babysitting, one playing with injuries and driving.  I did not relax much.  We had a nice lunch at Rachel's and back for a few more talks.  Leah had again watch Cadence all day Saturday.  Sounded like they had a lot of fun together.

Leah has never watched someone that young for so long.  She was a little tired.  I didn't feel very bad for her. :)  They made brownies and dressed up.  Played with dolls and Little People.  Leah wasn't good at getting her to sleep, but she enjoyed being with Cadence.

Leah was trying to get a picture of her in the apron.  She would stand Cadence up and as soon as she got the camera ready she would sit down.  Still a little cutie tho. Blake hung out at Grandma's all day with all the boys.  Dave had gone up to Cora's first game and Blake didn't want to.  I'm sure it was a little crazy there all day, with no adults around. They had fun.  Dave had been busy when I was gone.  My magnet board is up.  We are just waiting to see if it will scratch and it needs coating or if we can leave it before we frame it.

Also the lights in the kid's bathroom and all the mirrors are done.

Cora got home just after we did.  It was a very tiring weekend, but fun.  Sunday I was so glad to do nothing.  We had Holly's Hawaiian Pizza and German Chocolate Cheesecake for dinner.  I finally made everyone watch 'Happiest Millionaire' with me.  The had been lamenting about it, but of course everyone but Blake loved it.  Cora really wants to do it for her school play next year.  It is a long one so we took a break to check cows, and have Pina Coladas, and pretzels.  I slept well that night.


  1. It was a busy weekend of sure! Glad you could have a restful Sunday.

  2. Leah did a great job watching Cadence - I was so grateful. Glad you had a nice Mother's Day! Such a great weekend. Lalainia

  3. I love the magnet board. So cool.