Monday, May 23, 2016

A Bunch of Girls

Thursday Meghan let us know that she was coming down again.  Her parents dropped her off and stayed for a short while to see the house and visit.  I had let Cora skip school.  Meghan got here just before noon and Leah's friends came at 1.  Blake was so excited to have a house full of teenage girls.  (Sarcasm there)  They danced and played games.

When I was growing up my sisters and I would grab all my dad's work clothes and do chores.  The uglier the better.  Big pants, twine for belts.  One of my favorite memories.  When our kids have friends over I have tried to let them have the same fun.  A couple weeks ago, Blake had someone over and they drove the tractor and feed cows.  So we got these girls all outfitted up.  They climbed into the back of the truck and over to the farm.

Lookin' good girls!

We have a few calves we are bottle feeding right now.  It worked out great that Dave was on afternoon shift this week so we could do this.  One it's mom is not a good mom and so they all helped us get it into the squeeze.  We left it there for the calf to suck as we went out to check the rest.  Loaded that cage up pretty good.
After Leah showed her friends how to make up the bottles.  Then they all took turns feeding them.

These girls had so much fun.  Some had done it before with 4H cows.

It was really a great time.  I love that I get to pass this on to my kids, and seeing their friends faces and the fun they have together.  I had sent Dave a text letting him know that there were 7 teenage girls waiting to help him feed.  I was sure he was going to reply that he suddenly had to work late. :)  We feed them dinner and then Cora drove them all home.  And it started to rain.  Blessed rain. Cora and Meghan stayed up way to late as always.

They were so tired the next day.  They cooked, watched a movie, games, and ran some errands for me.  I know I have said it tons, but I really love these girls.  I am glad that Cora and Meghan have kept in contact.  We have truly been blessed with all of these great friendships.

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  1. its awesome they all have such good friends. Can't believe Cora can drive all the girls home. That must be really nice for you.