Sunday, May 1, 2016

Goin' Ons....

Not anything extra special or exciting has happened the last week or so.  Just life.  But I need to keep a record of the mundane and boring also right?  I will start a bit over a week ago.  
 Friday:  We took the youth to do Temple Baptisms.  It had been awhile so that was nice to get back.  Kita was on her way up for Abby's farewell and met us at the temple to grab Blake.  My mom had called the night before and said, 'why don't you stay the weekend'.  Great idea.  I thought it was very nice of Kita to drive 12 hours to pick Blake up for me.  :)
Saturday:  We seriously did nothing.   It was great.  We talked, some napped, helped Nicole chop a few veggies for dinner the next day.  Finally at 4:30 I decided I really should shower.  It was our stake conference and I was meeting Dave at the adult session and then we were both going back to my parents house. I was supposed to be leaving at 5.  It was a fabulous session.  Loved Elder and Sister Spackman.
Sunday:  Abby's farewell.  She gave a very good talk.  She is going to be an awesome missionary.  Cannon and Nicole had provided a wonderful meal after at the church.  We ate, cleaned up and back to my parents.  Lazed around in the front room until it was time to leave.
Monday: The kids had no school.  They all had some things they wanted with money they had saved and I needed some groceries.  We went to town.  Cora got a pair of jeans and a new dress.  She was a little freak at the cost of jeans,  I was thinking no kidding.  Leah got some summer shirts and Blake got Minecraft for his xbox.  We got home just in time to make it up to Blake's baseball practice.  Which had been canceled and we were not told.  I was less than impressed. I had asked if there was still practice since ther was no school. I was told yes and if Blake didn't come he wouldn't be pitching. Nice! About 7 of us showed and some dads held a little practice with a ball found in the field.
Tuesday: Back to school, more rugby and YW's.  We had a boardgame bonanza night.
Wednesday:  Cora had her Home Opener game.  Dave had high council and Blake had baseball practice.  I took the kids up.  Blake watched some before I took him to practice.  Cora is still hurt,  her coach thinks she may have broken her foot.  That is great.  Even my dad told me to take her in. Not that I didn't try.  I think she is worried it may be broken and she will be out the rest of the season. Anyways she has been moved from outside back to flank to were she is now a hooker.  Right in the center of the action and she loves it.  Coach must think she is doing well if she keeps getting moved up.  Leah and I were freezing sitting there.  We wrapped up in a blanket.  Next time we are taking more blankets.
Thursday:  We actually had nothing on.  It was a little surprising at first.  We weren't sure what to do with ourselves.  Just kidding there is always so much that needs to be done.  It was nice to have a stay at home evening.  Cora took herself up to rugby.  Have I mentioned how much I love having a licensed driver yet??!!?
Friday: Just cleaning, VTing, school, and getting Cora off to a tournament.  It was a team bonding day.  The team went to town, did some club rugby, ate chinese and watched Jungle Book.  She was nervous about going.  Didn't know what movie they were seeing and she didn't want to have to hang out in the lobby by herself if it wasn't a good one.  But in the end she had a blast.  Told stories all the way home the next day.  Her team stayed over and went to the tournamet the next day.  Leah and Blake got along.  She spent hours playing the piano.  Leah is writing a song for a project at school. He made paper airplanes, checked cows with Dave and did some yard work.  Then Leah ran us through the play she is doing next week, and had Blake do the dances with her.

Dave joined in.

Saturday:  Dave has another business trip this week and will miss Cora's rugby game on Wednesday, so he got up early to do some cow stuff and we headed to her 7's tournament.  I told Blake and Leah we were having a little date day so they could stay home.  They were very OK with that, but a little shocked. I usually have a strict policy of supporting siblings at games.  I was in a bit of a panic as we were almost out of gas.  It is hit and miss at our local gas station.  Yesterday was a miss.  We made it 45 km away to the next one on prayers and fumes.  Even Dave who is usually not worried was planning his walking route.  The 7's was fun to watch.  They are shorter games.  Only 15 mins with 7 players instead of 16.  My mom and dad, Cannon and Nicole and Levi all came.  We got home just in time for me to get Leah.  We picked up her friends and went to their other friend's dance recital.

Once again it was a great show.  One friend couldn't make it.  Love this group of girls.  And that is it.  We are rolling along.  We have had some sad issues with some calves.  Not sure what is wrong there.  We did get a tiny bit of rain.  Still praying for more.   Had some nice weather. Cora's hair is now long enough to go in a little pony tail.  We love her pony tail.  So cute.

Cora had a field trip to see Bodyworks.  She said it was so cool.  She wished they had more time there.

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