Friday, May 20, 2016

Field Trip

I had the opportunity to go on the class field trip with Blake this week.  We were at the school early and on our way.  It was a nice comfortable bus.  They kids played games and there was a movie playing.  We arrived at our destination around noon.  We ate our picnic lunch and then went to the Science Center.  

They had a lot of fun things to do.  The kids had taken a course on planes and flight.  There was lots of hands on experiences that went along with this.

Blake tried out the space ship commode

Could climb forever, as long as you didn't fall off.

They then made airplanes and went over all the parts of a plane again.  These kids had been taught well, they knew it all.  Then they flew the planes.

 Next we saw an Imax film on air travel that was very neat.  We then headed off to where we were staying.  We stayed in the University Dorms.  When we arrived we were told that a very bad flu was going around.  That made me nervous.  The teachers and some parents had done alot of food prep before.  Individually bagged veggies and cookies for everyone for everyday.  Made meal preps go very smooth and fast.  There was dinner and games and off to bed.  I ended up waking up very early the next morning.  Don't know why.  After breakfast we went to the Bennett Center.  Kids did some booklets and learned about trees and plants.  I enjoyed this time to get to know some of the other moms better.  It was fun and we just talked for quite a while.  Lunch, then a nature walk.  During lunch I talked with our bus driver a bit and found out that we are distantly related, and that he served at the same time as my Father-In-Law in the same mission.  That was cool.

The driver knew a lot about plants and it was very interesting talking with him.  After the walk was back to the dorms.  Down time, kids made lunches for next day, and dinner.  Then swimming.

The kids had a blast swimming.  Blake loved the high diving board.  This is the only picture I have that you can tell who he is in the picture.  It became a joke with the moms about how bad my phone took pictures.  At the end one even said that every time she snaps a nice picture promptly on her phone she will think of me.  :)  Last day was the legislative building.

I wonder why everyone always has to touch the water.  Even I did.

Blake took my phone for a while and took some pictures.  

 Blake and his friend Hayden. I have spent this morning contacting parents to see if it was OK to put their kids on my blog.  I was sure that the meeting before had said to do that, or only take them of your own.  But I have seen so many up on FaceBook I guess it must be OK.  Nobody asked my permission??!!?

Blake being a stern ruler. 

Blake and Colter.  These are both great kids.  Very polite and kind.  Nice parents.  My kids lucked out with friends here.

The big Legoslator.  Not a clue how to spell that, but it was very neat.

One place you could dress in different clothes and have pictures emailed to you.  Blake took two.

Our MLA came out to talk with the kids and have a photo with them.  He put this photo on his FB page so I hope it is OK.

We did a tour and then got to sit in on a session.  It was fascinating to me.  I would have loved to stay a lot longer.  Everyone was very tired coming home.

At one point I even fell asleep.  Really surprised me when I woke up.  I rarely sleep in vehicles.  It was a nice trip.  I really did enjoy getting to know the other moms and laughing and being sarcastic with them.  I didn't get car sick at all.  I give that credit to ginger and lots of praying.  I had left the girls in charge while I was gone.  They had to pack Dave's lunch, help with the cows, get themselves to school, clean up, etc.  Cora told me she was going to be the best little housewife.  With all her rugby she was barely home, but Wednesday she gave Dave a grocery list and then made Chicken Alfredo.  She had made it for foods class and was so excited to share it with everyone.  Dave sent me this picture.  He said, "Our little cook."  I tasted some when I got home.  It was delicious.


  1. It was great being able to share a room with you!!! Too bad we were so exhausted by the end of the day, we didn't even get to talk!!!

  2. Cora can you make that for me one day? Its my favorite food and it looks so good!!

  3. Cora, that looks delicious!! I loved the posts of the field trip Grandma P