Thursday, May 5, 2016

Band, Friends, Rugby, and a Ton of Pictures

Yesterday Leah went with her school to a big band day.  They went first thing in the morning.  Nine school were present.  They each played some songs, had instruction time, lunch and then practiced a few numbers together.  I went up to listen to the final few numbers.  It was really neat.   There was 382 band members and than some vocals as well.
They don't all fit in my camera.

Almost half of them.

Leah had been practicing one number for a few months.  It payed off, she had a short solo part.  It was maybe 8 notes, but still cool.  I only heard 3 songs.  I wish it had been longer.  They were done much earlier than anyone had thought.  Leah and her friends had just planned to stay up for their softball game.  But we ended up having over an hour to kill.  We went to the grocery store and got them all some fruit and then to the park.

They were determined to all fit on this.

Tried and tried.  Never did happen, but they sure had fun.

I got them all to the game in time.  Leah had wanted to stay and watch her friends.  I stayed until Cora's rugby game started.  The fields were side by side, so Leah stayed and watched both from where she was.

Cora did well last night.  She loves to get right in there.  She was limping more than usual.  She is #17.

Look at her down there ready to ruck.  And I know what a ruck is now.

On the ground.  Cora tackled that girl good.

She loves rugby.  I am enjoying watching also.  Learning more.  It is fast paced, they just keep going.  During the game I had run to drop Blake off at baseball, when I went to pick him up I had a flat tire.  Totally flat, sitting right on the rim.  Jared had come to watch Cora, so I went and told him.  I was so grateful he was there.  He put my spare on and had me take his van to get Blake.  When I got back he was all done.  Jared totally saved the day.

I finally got Cora to let me take her for an x-ray.  I promised her she could play in the home tournament this weekend if she would go no matter what.  She had a spare, but I had to take her a bit early from Physics first.  When she told her teacher she had to leave he just asked if she was going to the clinic again.  Dr's must do well during rugby season.  Well it is broken.  I tiny bone in the foot.  They can't do much for it.  Keep it wrapped tight. She has been playing on it for two weeks.  No one can accuse her of not being tough.   Doctor said a stiff boot would help and no rugby for three weeks.  I don't think she is going to listen to that last bit of info.  But at least we know now.  If she would have gone two weeks ago when I wanted to, she would be almost healed by now.  Just saying.....

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  1. Jared always saves me when I get flat tires!!! He's good at that ;) Cora's poor foot, I hope once summer comes she can put it up a little!!!!! It was fun watching her game, I can't wait to see more!!