Thursday, April 21, 2016

Random Bizzare Thoughts

I had a long car drive today.  All by myself with no car radio.  I don't know about you, but on these occasions my mind wanders.  Here are some of my thought for today.  Cora calls them 'shower thoughts'.  I think maybe she spends too long in the shower.  :)

I think that all women should be able to have their hair and make-up work perfectly the day they have to go shopping for new jeans or a swimsuit.  We should be blessed with some goodness on those days.  Right??!!?

I think a courtesy call from the church distribution center when they discontinued my favorite top would have been nice.  You know a simple, "Hey Char, we have decided to stop making the very best, most comfortable top of all time.  Yes, the one that is great for all seasons and just fits so nice.  So if you wanted to grab 100 or so to last the next sixty years, now is your chance."  Really is that so much to ask?  I would have even settle for an email.

I have some very special talents.  I always pick the best carts in the store.  The one with the best little constant rattle in it.  That nice one with the one loose wheel that spins non stop and squeaks just enough to annoy everyone you pass and manages to stop dead at the smallest hint of a pebble in its path.  Please, try not to be jealous, I can't help the gifts I am given.  You can shop with me some time if it makes you feel better.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could just move rain clouds.  I would have gladly taken some of Texas' rain. Have some way to just grab a few and move them.   Really its a win-win situation for all.

I think that when you decide it is time to start a healthy eating plan and lose some weight, you should get a little jump start motivation right  way of a few pounds.  Your body could say, "Hey good for you.  I know it was hard not to have that second slice of super delicious pizza that you took hours to make and really wanted to enjoy.  And it was hard to sit there and watch your family slurp down that very creamy chocolate malt milkshake.  But you did it.  I'm going to burn five pounds for you right now so you can see your decisions are working.  Keep up the good work.  You got this."


  1. I love driving without the radio on so I too can think!!!! Your thoughts are very similar to mine!!! It was enjoyable reading yours!!!!

  2. Loved these. They made me smile.

  3. All excellent thoughts! I whole-heartedly agree.