Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Thursday night Dave got back from a short business trip he had been on.  We were very excited to see him.  At the hotel restaurant they had these tiny packages of Tic Tacs.  He brought some back for the kids.

Blake made me a beautiful bracelet.

My kids doing chores.  A lot of times they will make a game of it.  This time they hopped up the stairs in plastic carrying the boxes.  It was funny to see them jumping and tripping.  But they got all the garbage from the house. 

 This was the last of the boxes from electrical. It's all done! So that's exciting.  Our office was a dead room.  We were concerned as it was a whole room and we could not figure out what was going on.  Dave had the guy that helped us come back out.  He said he had an electrical map for us, but we didn't have it so they walked around trying to remember what was done.  Finally it was determined they would have to cut into the wall in the office and string new wire.  About 5 minutes after the guy left he drove back and said he thought he remembered another outlet.  Sure enough there was a slight bulge in the wall.  Our drywallers had gone right over it.  Dave ever so very carefully cut around and we now have power.  So glad he remembered that spot and that we didn't cut the wall.  It would have been a huge repair.
Leah spent an hour and a half curling her hair one day.  It looks great, but she will have to get up really early if she plans to do that for school.

Last week a friend of mine blogged about how they were taking each day before Easter to do an activity and some reading to help her kids understand the importance and greatness of this holiday.  She then bore a beautiful testimony.  Reading her posts and testimony each day has really inspired me and made me wonder how much my kids understood.  Can anyone ever really understand the full impact of the Atonement?  It is such a huge yet also simple concept.  Thank you Jess for getting me thinking.  
We decided to have our Easter meal on Friday.  We spent the morning cleaning, Dave was working on the stair railings.  I felt we would have more time to eat and discuss this day.  Of course we had ham and potatoes.  For dessert we made cookie dough ice cream. We then went through Matthew and discussed Jesus Christ riding into Jerusalem, some of the parables he taught,the last supper, the trial, crucifixion and the Resurrection.  It always amazes me that He could ride in being cheered and blessed and in a matter of a few day be mocked and crucified. And I always feel so bad for Peter. After dinner we had planned to watch Handel's Messiah from the Tabernacle Choir, but we could not get it to play.

Saturday was a beautiful day.  In the morning the kids sat down to play a game of cards.  They ended up playing or 5-6 hours. If Dave or I needed something we would call, one would come then back to cards.  Eat then back to cards.  At one point it was so nice they played out on the deck.
After lunch we did our Easter egg hunt.  I hid them pretty hard this year.  They had to look, it was fun.  We always do our hunt early, I just can't do it on Sunday.

That evening Dave took Blake to A&W.  They had a special boys night out as Cora, Leah and I watched the Women's Broadcast.  Once again it was wonderful messages.  Cora was not feeling great, man this cold is a bad one this time around, so we watched it at home.  
Sunday we had a cheese and a chocolate fondue for dinner. I remembered reading that the Atwood's do this sometimes on fun occasions and thought I would try.  It turned out really good.

The rest of the day was spent watching a movie and Leah on the ukele, Dave on the guitar, kids singing and it was all perfect.  Leah talked about the Atonement for FHE last night and I have printed out a few talks to read on car trips.  The sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for me is truly awing.  I know the mistakes I make and that I put him through that pain is distressing to me.  But because of Him I can try again, and be a better person tomorrow.  This is always a humbling thought to me,I love my Saviour very much.


  1. What a beautiful way to remember our Savior!!! It was a great post Char and really got me thinking!!! Great memories!!!!