Thursday, March 10, 2016

New Beginnings

Hey, look I found the picture from our Leap year meal.  Leah folder our napkins cool, but they blend in to the bowl.

The past Tuesday we had our New Beginnings.   It went really well except my poor balloons.  And I guess I need shorter YW so you can see my balloons. :)  I didn't want to go over the top with decor.  I like to keep things simple.  I got 3 balloons in each value color and a matching gift bag.  I filled the bag with candy for the anchor then each Young Women and our guest speaker went home with one.  But just over half way through filling them we ran out of helium.

All the speakers were amazing.  Listening to them, I just kept thinking how I could never have said what they did in such a great way.  Each girl talked about a Value and Leah introduced Emry, who is our upcoming Beehive this year.  After we did a Ice Cream Sandwich Bar.

Quite a while back I had seen on Pinterest where they had ice cream sandwiches, then you had lots of choices of what to roll the sides in.  Like mini choco chip, marshmallows, sprinkles, etc.  I thought how fun to make your own with different flavor ice cream instead.  I had assumed all that ice cream would be expensive so I put it off.  This time I found some on sale.  I made chocolate sugar cookie and my councillor made regular sugar cookies.

I think everyone enjoyed it.  I even had one person that had nothing to do with the activity walk by and help himself.  That was a little odd.

Since being in YW's every time we have refreshments I have done this butcher paper table.  This time I had not labeled it all ahead of time and my councillor was teasing me that she didn't know where to put everything.  It is such an easy way to say what we are serving and do the clean up.

It was a perfect night.  We kept it to an hour which I like and then mingled a bit after.  Excellent, excellent speakers, great refreshments, just sad balloons.  


  1. It was a wonderful night and Emry felt so welcome, she can't wait to be in young women's!!!! Everything was perfect, even the balloons in their haphazard way looked beautiful and really added to the evening!!!! Thanks for making it special for Emry!!!

  2. Looks great. The ice cream sandwich bar looks amazing!

  3. Leah I love that dress!!! :P It looks so cute on you! Aunt Char, teach me your ideas!!