Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Happy 14th

Because of the kids' schedule we celebrated Leah's birthday last night.  As far as birthdays go, I don't think this was a great one.  We got home late Sunday night.  She had picked out most of her gifts ahead of time and had to try some on.  So no big surprises. And it was a day early.  We had spaghetti and Caesars salad.  She even almost had to make her own birthday dinner since I was picking up Cora.  Dave got done checking cows and started it instead.   I had rushed to town for groceries and back to make her ice cream cake before I got Cora, so the cake was not super set up, but still very good.  Feeling like I have won a Mom of the Year Award with this birthday.  :) She requested a cookie dough ice cream cake this year.

A few presents.  Google Play card, Ardene's card, socks (of course) and a pair of jeans.

 Leah is now old enough to go to the stake activities.  I think she is a little nervous and a little excited about this.

She is one fun kid to have around.  She is most definitely the yellow in our family and we would be lost with out her. Happy 14th birthday my beautiful girl.


  1. Happy, happy birthday Leah!!!!! You truly are a wonderful young woman!!! We love you lots!!!

  2. Growing into a lovely young woman. She doesn't look like she was disappointed with her birthday. Hope she has a wonderful year. We love you. The Atwoods

  3. Happy Birthday Leah!!! Sorry we forgot to call!! looks like you had a blast and now you can come to dances with me in Hill Spring!!!! :)