Monday, March 21, 2016

Wonderful Weekend

Daylights Saving hit us pretty hard this time around.  I had been up late waiting for Cora Saturday night, then had early morning meetings Sunday.  Monday it was dark and we woke up after Cora needed to leave for seminary.  She ended up being half hour late.  All week we seemed to be dragging and just barely getting up on time.  We even had a few early nights.  Well, early for us now days.  It was still 9:30, but we were not catching up.  We were all really looking forward to this weekend.  Friday Cora had a spare first period, Blake and Leah had no school.  We blissfully slept in.  Saturday also was wonderful, we didn't have to get up super early for anything.  Sunday we headed up to my nephews priesthood ordination.  Their church did not start until 1.  Glorious 1.  I would hate to do that on a regular basis, but this time it was fantastic. We slept in, got ready, the kids watched a movie, and we headed out.  It was a nice day.  Jason gave a very special blessing and it was nice to be together after wards.  Wonderful food.  As we were traveling back we needed to stop for gas.  Whoops!! Guess we should have planned a little better.  Cora had been deleting pictures off her phone the whole way.  She was doing a clean up and had some funny jokes and things she was entertaining us with.  We pulled up to the pump and a few seconds later and Cora yelled, "Meaghan's family".  Before I got a chance to ask when she got that picture, Cora had jumped out of our car and into the van next to us.  We were a little surprised.  Turned out it was Meaghan's family.  How cool is that.  We live five hours apart and just happened to pull up to the same pump at the same time in the middle.  We had a lovely visit.  It was the perfect end to a great weekend.  We all slept great last night and are ready to face this week.


  1. Daylight Savings hit me hard this time too. The kids were fine but it took me a long time to adjust. That is so cool that you ran into Cora's friends family. I love when things like that happen.

  2. Cussed Daylight savings It was bad I agree. Never fond of the time change. This one is the worst for me. I just went and read all the posts that I was behind on and sounds like you all are busy and happy. Glade to hear it.