Wednesday, March 2, 2016


I had not planned on going to Ag-Expo this year, and ended up going twice.  A few days before it started Dave asked  if they kids and I would want to go with him on Friday  His work had a booth and he wanted to check things out.  Then Thursday when I was getting groceries my dad called to see if I wanted to meet him there.  It was fun to hang out with my dad.  We were pretty fast this year.  Natalie was not there and we didn't wait for any boys to play on tractors.  I was not sure what to do with all the extra time, we missed them.  Then Friday Blake and I met Dave at his work and went again.

I got a shirt for everyone.  I knew Cora would love the saying on hers but she said, "Wow it's so pink!" 

Dave's shirt is not new, but he wanted us to all get a picture in our farming shirts.  We so cool!!

Blake was having a blast.  He got so much SWAG.  He is so proud of all the hats he got.  He picked up lots of notebooks for himself and his sisters as well as stickers and those squishy ball things

I even managed to get my dad a yard stick.  They day before they were out.  We saw tons of people walking around with them.  I really think it has been three or four years he has been trying to get one.  It was our first stop Friday morning and we were successful.  

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  1. Love your family pictures in your farm shirts. Blake did get quite the haul - awesome!