Friday, March 18, 2016

Irish Concert

Last night was our community Irish Concert.  I have never been before.  I guess it was the 75th annual concert.  That is pretty cool.  Leah had a few numbers in it.  There was a chili dinner before so Dave and I went to that first.  I believe the proceeds went to the library, a good cause.  After dinner we still had some time, we went on a little walk.  As the bands were setting up we visited with some other parents.

The junior high and high school bands played 3 songs together. Then a few on their own. They had never played together and it sounded awesome.  Great band leaders, the wife is the junior high leader and the husband is the high school leader.  I really like them both.

Dave thought we should have Leah playing the flute all the time.  She has great posture, only when she plays.  Leah and Tayler also sang.  They sang a song from Rigoletto.  I love that movie.

Leah's musical ability is still very awing for me.  It doesn't take her long to learn any new instrument she picks up.  Her singing is phenomenal.  And she loves to perform.  Leah has no stage fright.  They sang acapella and she was dead on.  I have a hard time not sitting there grinning like an idiot when she is performing, because I am so proud of her.  I would like to jump up and yell every time, "That is my daughter!"  I have not talent musically at all and love to listen to all she does.  It was a nice evening


  1. Wish we could have been there :( she does have some pretty amazing talent!!!!!

  2. She is a PUZEY after all. Lots of music in the genes, with her dad, her aunt Lainie, her grandma and grandpa Puzey. Music is sure in the family. Nice she is carrying on the tradition.......

  3. You can't say you have no music talent. You had two great uncles and a great aunt in the Tabernacle choir, a great uncle with several hymns in the LDS hymn book and an aunt and grandmother that have led ward choirs their whole lives etc. etc. etc.


  4. Favorite comment….. Grandpa Hahaha Good job Leah!!