Thursday, March 17, 2016

St Patrick's Day and Picture Clean Up

Happy St. Patrick's Day.  I have no idea why I enjoy this day so much.  Maybe it is because you can have so much fun but it is not mandatory.  Wear a little green... make a green lunch....

I do love making the green lunch.  I forgot to get a picture of Cora.  She had awesome sock also.  Socks are really my girls' thing.  LOVE fun socks.

It hasn't really snowed for months, but today it did for a bit.  It is sunny again now and will probably melt soon.  But this is what it looked like as Leah was getting on the bus.

And this is what Leah wore. So prepared.  She said everyone needed to see her socks, so shorts it was.

Last week Blake made himself a little fort out of boxes.  Sunday he ate his breakfast in it.  It is quite humorous to watch him climb in and out.  Especially when Leah tried with all those long limbs.

Leah and Blake were very excited about their FHE pictionary win.

I had parent teacher interview with the high school yesterday.  All of Cora's teacher said that she needs to speak up more in class, she is very quite, but doing well.  Also they are amazed by her kindness and compassion.  They said she is wonderful to have in class and they enjoy watching her interaction, and that her work ethic is outstanding.  All were very impressed.  That was a very proud parent teacher interview night for me.  She is an amazing kid.  And it is all her, I don't know how I got to have her come to our family.  She has so many things she is interested in.  One night after seminary and school, she helped Dave try to see what was wrong with the Tahoe, then quickly ate and went off to rugby.

Another day it was school, change oil, drama and then YW's.  Cora is loving rugby.  At school a friend asked if she liked rugby better than basketball.  She is quite known for promoting and doing all she can for basketball, so I guess some are curious.  She just said there was a time for basketball and a time for rugby. :)  I have been reading lots to try to learn the game.  I am still so confused, but learning.  She loves the rough tackle of rugby and then will get so so excited to watch her favorite Disney movies.

This is the start of Tarzan.  She was beyond happy to dig out the VCR and watch it.  The only problem with all these interest is she doesn't know what to do after high school.  She wants to do it all, except sit behind a desk.  We have ruled out a few at least.

Blake has been wanting an xbox for about 4 years.  He started an xbox collection jar in our kitchen.  He looks them up all the time and will report price and new games.  Every time we go shopping he will go and just look and scan them all.  Last week I was buying something else at Best Buy and decided to look myself, even tho Blake was not with me.  I found one that came with the kinnect and 3 games.  Usually it comes with one and it is a game I wouldn't let him play anyways.  And all three were good games. So with all that and the sale they were having that day it was about $250 off.  I tried calling Dave to see what he thought, but he was in a meeting so I came home.  At home we talked about it.  Decided that while yes, most of the money from his cow, that we just sold, was for mission and college, the kids needed to see someof it now so they felt it was worth it and that there was a pay off. So with the little he gets now from his cow and what was in the xbox jar (which together did not equal a lot) Dave decided that we should get it for him.  We headed back to town with Blake, not telling him why.  As usual once in the store he went to look at xboxes.

Then I told him that the reason we came to town was to buy him an xbox.  It took a lot of convincing.  I don't think he really believed we were going to do it until it was in the trunk.

He was one very happy kid.


  1. Calum desperately wants an Xbox too...not quite sure why?!!! Cute St. Patrick's day lunch, you're such a fun mom!!!!!

  2. How fun and exciting for Blake! What a special surprise. The kids look good in their green.