Saturday, February 21, 2015

Reading Week

Monday we helped Dave with the house.  It was nice to spend the day with him.  Jared and Dave moved some bails.  Leah was not having a good day.  She needed a lot of alone time.  She often does, but hasn't been getting it lately as she shares a room and we are all in such close quarters.  We made sure she spent some time by herself for a while.  I will have to make an effort to make sure she gets that more often.  She was going a little crazy. We separated cows in preparation for auction.  Tuesday we took a couple loads of cows down to the auction.  Cora went with Dave on the first load, Leah went on the second.  We picked up Leah half way and headed out to my parents. Dave worked on the house as Jared took the next load down.  It was a really fun week.  Everyone had so much fun with their cousins.  The four girls went to the store and the library, Friday they did drop in baptisms again.  I can't wait till Cora gets a licence.  So much more freedom.  Wednesday Cora went on a hike with the YW out there and I took the boys and Leah in to watch the auction.  Thursday I tried some new recipes.  The pizza was pretty amazing.  I had made that kind once before and wanted my family to try it.  They all liked it I think. The 4 girls had fun with Natalie's two boys. Mom took Natalie's boys back to her on Friday.  The girl where disappointed that in the end Natalie was not able to come out for the week.  They really wanted to meet their new cousin. (Leah broke her glasses. I tried to fix them, but it popped back open.  This morning Dave tried again, she had to stay in while we did the first load of bails while the glue dried. Leah is pretty blind.  Later as she was sliding they opened again.  Apparently Krazy Glue and Super glue are not working.  I will have to take her in.  Super excited about that extra expense) We came home late Friday afternoon.  Dave had said that he would be late at work, so we thought we would stop and say hi since we hadn't seen him for so long.  We ended up getting there about dinner time and decided to have dinner there.  Pretty good Chinese in this little town.  This morning we hauled a couple more loads of bails.  The kids where in a funny mood.  We found a few awesome places to slid around on our boots.  Last fall Dave dug a trench around our entire house so it would drain away in the spring with the snow melt.  Right now it acts like a moot almost.  Half of it is filled with ice, a very large skating rink.  We took a load to the dump, I don't even worry about Cora in the truck. She does awesome driving, we just need to get her driving more in town now.  Next was building garage walls.  In between when we needed the kids they would slide.  So they would slide for a bit then we would have them help then they slid again.  Finally we came back for dinner, showers, and house cleaning.  Dave and Blake are out working on his Kub Kar.  The Rally is next week.  Lots of family time on this family week.  It was awesome.


  1. Sounds like you had a great week. Too bad the girls didn't get to meet their new cousin. Miss you guys!

  2. I agree lots of family time. Cant beat that.