Monday, February 9, 2015


It seems my life is very boring until the weekend.  Every post could be titled "Our Weekend" and fit.  Leah had her final basketball tournament.  She played well.  Got quite a few baskets and swished her foul shots.  4-6 of them. Cora was in a tournament very far away.  They left Thursday afternoon and got back Saturday afternoon.  I was a little worried about her going with people I still don't know that well.  She had a blast and said she played like a beast.  She was limping a bit and finally admitted that she hurt her knee back in November but just though it would heal.  Her coach sat her for most of one game at the tournament when she realized what was going on, but they where down 5 players and Cora really wanted to play.  For her to even mention it hurt I knew it must be killing her.  She has a high pain tolerance and never complains.  Just plays through the pain.  I made her see a doctor today.  She has a sprained ACL.  He would like her to sit out a week.  Good thing next week is a holiday, otherwise I really don't think she would.  He said we could just wrap it tight for the games she has this week and no gymnastics.  It has gotten a little colder again.  I should not complain it is February.  Last night we had New Beginnings.  I thought it went rather well.  I kept it very simple and we where only 50 mins long.  All the girls had a small part introducing part of the program.  One girl has finished her Personal Progress so we asked her to speak on how it has helped her.  Then we asked a sister in our ward to talk on how her Personal Progress has helped her as a wife/mother/worker/etc.  She did awesome,  It was exactly what we where hoping for.  I introduced our new General theme and encouraged parents to help their daughters with Personal Progress, to sit down with them once a week and see what they have accomplished.  Bishop gave wonderful closing remarks then we had sundaes.  I had dished up all the ice cream ahead of time in different size mason jars.  It saved so much time.  Before Dave was a little unsure about what I was doing, but said it was a great idea afterwards. I had mom's caramel sauce, Mandy's hot fudge, homemade raspberry sauce, mini choco chips, crushed graham crackers, and marshmallows.  I had tons of compliments after.  I love to lay out brown paper on the table then just label everything below with a marker.  Works so slick.  Clean up is awesome.  It was great.  At church Cora gave an excellent talk, Blake did also.  Leah was set apart as Beehive President and Cora as 1st counselor in the Mia Maids.

And just because posts are always more interesting with pictures, here is some that Cora has drawn.  She tried oils and didn't like them, but is loving the watercolors.

These bottom  three are her favorite.

And Leah skating with her friends for school.  Glad she has met some girls she is enjoying.


  1. Char your new beginnings sounded great. Beautiful artwork Cora - I'll be sure to show Uncle Jason, he'll be impressed.

  2. Cora's artwork is beautiful. We have New Beginnings in a couple of weeks as well. The Sundae's in the mason jars sound awesome:)

  3. Cora is a artist absolutely. I am sorry about her knee that stinks. Fun idea for personal progress. Might have to steel and idea or two.