Saturday, February 14, 2015

A Perfectly Gorgeous Day

I had wondered what we where going to do all day Friday.  Cora's tournament had been cancelled, not enough teams signed up.  We had a whole day free.  I had some sewing projects in mind, games with the kids, run on the treadmill as I watched a movie. But that morning as I left to got visiting teaching it was already amazingly gorgeous.  I tex ed Amber and asked if she was free and wanted to walk outside with me.  She was and we did.  When I got back we went for a nice hour long walk.  The day before Emry and Blake had been sliding around on the frozen ice in the ditch.  He had said that if it was still frozen he wanted to get his skates on and practice.  So on the way back we check the ice.  It was still solid.  Instead of going in I grabbed Blake and we played some baseball for another hour.  I still couldn't believe how nice it was.  We decided to get Leah, pack a picnic, and get the skates.

We ended up being outside for hours.  Slowly a pond developed on top of the water, but we never did break through.  We skated and ate and played more baseball.

Finally at about 2:30 I had to go in and get ready to get Cora.  She had been score keeping and working the door for the boys tournament.

Skating in T-shirts is crazy.  I even slid around with them for a bit.  Their cousins came over and slid for a short bit also.  I put dinner in the oven and went to get Cora.  She was so sad she had missed such a great day.  After dinner Dave and I put in a few hours on the house.  We didn't even need our coats until 8.  Dave still just had on his thick jacket.  We walked back on the road instead of across the field.  It was way less muddy that way.  As we where passing the ditch we where curious how big the puddle had gotten and if it had broke yet.  We ended up sliding around and getting our boats cleaned for a while.  It was a really dark night.  Dave had a headlamp on.  It was a little eerie to hear the crack of ice below you.  We didn't break through, and it was only 2 feet anyways.  Still a weird feeling.  So in the end I did nothing on my to-do list, but it turned out so much better.  It really was a perfectly gorgeous day.

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