Thursday, February 12, 2015

Blake and I

Blake and I have had a lot of time together the last couple of months.  We have spent many hours waiting during basketball practices and driving to games.  I have really enjoyed this one on one time with him.  One night this week he took some cows to auction with Dave.  He loved it.  Yesterday Cora had a game 2 hours away.  Right after school, I packed up our dinner and we drove to the game.  Just Blake and I.  We talked most of the way there.  He told me all about school and his friends at church. His favorite subjects and teachers.  He has been reading lots of baseball books and he is hoping to play this year.  He told me everything he had read.  Even how to properly hold a baseball when you are throwing it.  I told him to talk to Justin this summer and get some tips.  He also told me about this girl he has a crush on.  Blake told me that he had mentioned to one of his friends at school that he had told me about this girl.  His friend was shocked.  He said, 'you tell your mom that stuff?"  Blake said, "Uh, yeah, don't you?"  We had a really nice time and after stopped to get him some hot chocolate.  After drinking it he wrapped up in blankets and tried to sleep.  We got home at 10:10.  It was a long drive, but very enjoyable to spend with him.
Blake was trying to take a bunch of pictures.  The sunset and the mountains where amazing, but my windshield was slightly dirty and my phone does not take good motion pictures.  He was having difficulties.  These were the only two clear ones of about 10

Cora had an amazing game.  They are still losing, but playing so much better together as a team.  Yesterday they only had 6 players.  Lots of injured and sick.  Cora taped her knee, sat for the first minute, then played the entire game.  They were all so tired.  She got tons of rebounds, breakaways, great passes.  She did dribble on her toe once.  She shot foul shots a couple times, she hates foul shots.  Final score was 45-61.  Of those 45 points Cora made 24 of them. Awesome!!  Grandpa and Grandma Smith came to the game.  They were keeping track of the points.  So glad they did, since I got there after the 1 quarter.  Cora was glad they did because the other two games they came to where terrible.  She was glad that someone saw that she really can play basketball.:)


  1. I love spending one on one time with my kids. Haven't had much time recently. Good for Cora - I'd like to see her play!