Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Just a quick update:
1.  Last day of basketball camp, Cora came home with a jersey she had won for most improved player.  She loved the entire camp.  Said she learned so much.  In the end she was
-Most Improved Player
-2nd in Layups
-2nd Fastest
-3rd in Foul Shots
-Had learned to get a few 3 pointers
-Really improved her defense
-Can dribble between her legs. (She was wicked pumped about that one:)
-Learned some great offense
-And so much more

2.  I am still learning to use our new computer.  Last night Dave taught me how to get pictures on it, but have forgotten the camera cord at the other house.  I have a few posts but will have to update when I get pictures down loaded.

3.  First day of school.  The kids got their first bus rides.  Cora is picked up at 7:35.  Blake and Leah at 8:15.  Of course most days Cora will be at seminary and not take the bus in the morning.  I actually cried sending a kid to school today. Never done that before. It was so hard to send Cora out that door, to a school where she knows no one, doesn't know where classrooms or lockers are.  Or even the office to ask.  She was the first one on the bus, which made her nervous.  I seriously felt like the worst parent in the world to put her through that.  When I paid her school fees she seemed to be OK.  Dave told me to have faith in the Lord and how he guides her and to have faith in our daughters ability.  I guess this is a little letting go for me.  Blake and Leah where both very excited.  Couldn't wait to get on the bus.  Leah had a little drama about the outfit she had wanted to wear.  Had planned it months ago. (She really does do that.  She is my typical girl that will have all her clothes on the floor and bed and claim she has nothing to wear.  Crazy!) But had forgotten one piece of the outfit at our old house.  It was devastation to find something else for her.  When I check in on both of them Blake seemed great.  Leah not so much.  I will have to figure that out when she gets home.

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  1. So hard to send them into something new. Cora will do great, she is such a special young woman. I was a little nervous sending Ashton to a new school today - these kids are getting to grown up.