Saturday, September 20, 2014

Crazy Lady in the Store

You know how sometimes you go shopping and there is one crazy lady in the store that you think, 'oh man, I can't wait to go home and tell so and so about that one'? Well yesterday I was that crazy lady.  I had some pumpkins seeds that I had decided that if I got some white chocolate and dried cranberries, it would make a very delicious bark.  I went to Bulk Barn to get my white chocolate and beside it was this. (Look closely)

Amazing white chocolate chips with red sprinkles in it.  It said red sprinkles, but looked like candy cane pieces to me.  I opened the lid to get a closer look and was hit by a wave of Christmas.  Seriously! I was so excited. (If you have ever tasted the Candy Cane Hugs that only come out at Christmas time, then you know what I am talking about).Usually I am very determined about not getting into Christmas until after both Thanksgivings and Halloween.  This I could not resist.  I immediately thought I needed them in my hot chocolate, and in my Nutella cookies, and plain, and to just smell.  I put a couple scoops in and ran to show Cora my find.  I made her smell it.  Just a disclaimer: I smell everything before I eat it.  Smell it so important to me in food.  Later at the counter a lady that had been walking by when I showed Cora was right in front of me.  She said that she just had to ask what I had found since I was so excited.  So I showed her and opened the bag so she could smell it also.  She had two sons standing there and they wanted to smell also.  So I let them.  Cora and Leah said that I was  embarrassing them.  I was acting a little crazy. I pointed out that at the very least I had given them a story for the day.  Once in the car we tasted.  Kita would have been very proud of my Mmmms and Ooohhs.  Then Cora said I was right.  They are so so good.  I have thought of all sorts of things to do with them, but am trying not to, I probably shouldn't eat treats EVERY day.  I could use a whole case of them just for my family.


  1. ha ha. I am pretty much always a crazy person in a store. And I smell everything too. these look amazing. I think I will have to go get some. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I don't know if I would call you that crazy lady I have seen worse. I have been worse. they do look good. I will have to see if I can find the kisses you are talking about I'm not a very big white chocolate on its own kind of girl I very much like it in things but to just eat I get picky. I agree I don't like to start Christmas until after thanksgiving. I think we loose are holidays that way. thanks for the smile I needed one today:)

  3. If you aren't embarrassing your children you aren't doing something right!