Friday, September 5, 2014

A New School Year

I wanted to do something a little extra special this years, since they were all going to a new school.  We had a back-to-school dinner.  I tried to stick with the school theme by naming all the food school type names.  I am not super clever at things like that.  For example, I had wanted sandwichy lunch type food, so we had grilled cheese, which I called 'cheesy science experiment'.  I think the kids still had lots of fun.  I had looked all over for big brown paper bags. I thought it would be fun to serve each dish in a lunch bag.  Apparently they are pretty obsolete.

Dave gave all the kids some really nice blessings for FHE that night. He got a little choked up with Cora.  Later I asked him what had gotten him with her.  He just said something about having so few years with her left and she is such a great kid.  He blessed Cora that she would be herself and not afraid to show people who she is, that she would find her way around and that she would be happy with her grads.  Sadly I don't remember specifics of Blake and Leah.  Cora went last.  But I do remember thinking they were just what they needed.

Nobody wanted me to take a picture of them getting on the bus the first day.  I stood at the window and waited for them to come home.  Then I hijacked them:)

Cora is doing well.  She has some funny stories and is getting to know people.  Blake is loving it.  Said it was the best school ever because they got to eat their snack outside.  Leah really likes her teacher and has a few people that she tells stories about.  I am still wondering about how this will go for her.  She said there were lots of nice girls. But is seems not quite there yet with her. I am watching, trying to read the signs. Only time will tell.  Everyone is really enjoying our new ward.  They are all so welcoming, friendly and nice. Cora is loving seminary again.  We are off to a good start.


  1. Fun back to school supper!!! We are happy you guys are here and I hope things start to fall into place for the kids before too long!!!

  2. Great pictures getting off the bus - I didn't take any this year.

  3. Glad it is going so well. The school themed supper was such a fun idea.