Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Dump Run Fun

I am not exactly sure why, but my kids love going to the dump.  Sometimes I really think they are strange kids. :) But I love that they can find joy in the simple things.  Cora has found some tire that she thinks will be perfect for a fort at the farm.  They are massive tractor tires and she was sure that we could all just pick them up and set them in the grain truck. One run they each found a perfect new bike.

You can't see in the picture, but Cora's also has no seat. Just a nice pokey bar to sit on.

Blake could not decide which fabulous one he wanted to claim.  Our last trip to the dump, Emry came with us.  The girls had a great time showing her all their great finds.  (Of course we leave them there) We usually have one girl drive to the dump and the other drive home. Emry really wanted to have a turn.  She assured me that her parents would not care at all.  I felt bad to disappoint her, but didn't think that was my call to make.  So I just let her drive a short little bit through the yard, she did not even use the gas pedal, but still so excited.  I wonder what 'treasures' await our next visit.

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