Friday, September 12, 2014

School Pictures 2014

I finally  made it to the spot I have wanted to take pictures in for the last three years.  It was a long drive and I kept putting it off, or things would come up.  But this year I said enough was enough.  We packed a picnic and went up just a few days before school started.  After we did a little walking around and had some fun.  Warning: there may be a LOT of pictures.  But really this is only part of them.

Leah has new glasses ordered.  They came in after we took these pictures.  I will have to do an update for you.  She really wanted to have the new ones in her pictures.

Cora was upset that her shoes would not slide.  She really wanted to do the splits on these pillars.

Crazy photo bomb.  I did not even see him there for a few pictures.  I was so concentrated on getting the shot. Then I totally burst out laughing

Happy School Year 2014/15


  1. Fabulous pictures - love the family one up against the wall, and Leah's face in the picture before Dave's photo bomb - AWESOME!! Where did you go - fun background!

  2. So fun!!! Great pictures!!! I love autumn pictures!!! My favorite!!!

  3. Defiantly worth the wait these are great pictures. Great place . great poses.