Thursday, August 28, 2014

Basketball Camp

Cora has had basketball camp all this week.  This year it is from 6-9 at night.  Cora and her best friend Meghan had both signed up for the camp and then both ended up moving away.  Meghan is 4 hours and we are only one.  We decided to make a one time exception to our no sleep over rule and have Meghan stay with us for the week.  Since camp is in the evening, they have been having lots of fun during the day.  We had originally planned to have her parents met us at the farm.  Then we remembered about the release forms that needed to be signed and Meghan's grandma got sick.  As a result they met us at camp the first day.  Cora was a little disappointed not to be able to show her the cows that she always talks about and our new house.  After camp the first night they stayed up till 11:30. We had a great breakfast the next morning, and they just hung out, played games, went for a walk, etc.  Tuesday straight after camp we drove out to my parents house.  Arrived very late and they still stayed up till 2.  Crazy girls.  Cora has been looking forward to showing her this farm also for months.  It was the perfect hot day.  We were a little worried after all the rain and chilly days, but it was awesome.  We started off with a special shoe burning ceremony.  

My dad has had these shoes for 45 years.  The back seam is ripped apart and the top is all separated, but the sole is still fine.  He told me what they where made of, but I can't remember.  He knows he got married in them and thinks he might of even had them on his mission.

There was quite the dramatic little speech before hand that made us all laugh. Then we burned them.

After lunch we went tubing down the canal.  The boys were a little nervous at first that they would not be able to get to the side afterwards.  As the ride went on they got at little braver and in the end they both jumped off the bridge a few times.

Meghan was determined that she was not going to jump.  In the end she did.  Many times and loved it.

 Meghan said many times she thought it was a really great day.  She loved the activities, thought my parents were so nice, the farm was beautiful, food was so good, and she thought Natalie was just so funny and sarcastic.  Natalie even whipped her up a quick croquet belt.  Meghan thought that was the nicest thing.

On the way home we stopped for traditional ice cream.  We wanted her to have the whole experience. A fast dinner then back to basketball. Another late night.  I think they are trying to fit in as much as possible.  Both have still been happy and fun all day tho.  Spent a while drawing a circus on the trampoline.  I went out to get a better picture, but it had rained.  There have been theme days for camp.  One was 'Your favorite basketball player'.  They chose Will and Charlton from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.  Today's theme was 'Retro'. Cora had wanted to get a small gift for the girls she always babysat. (They had written her a cute little letter.  Inside were some pictures they had drawn also.  When it arrived she was so happy.  Cora is really going to miss those sweet girls. She has decided to write them back) Anyways while at the mall they found these awesome tanks and headbands for cheap.  All ready had the sock.  I thought they should get a prize for those awesome costumes.

I love these girls.  I love how strong they are together and the great things they accomplish.  I love how they inspire each other and how they be silly and don't care what anyone thinks.  We are really going to miss Meghan.  This has been such a great week. And they are loving basketball camp of course:)

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  1. Funny about the shoes. It is so important to have good friends as examples