Friday, September 26, 2014


I was thinking I had not updated for a while, then suddenly I had lots happen.  So I will do an update on new schools, YW, life, etc, later.  Blake and Leah had color day at school this week.  Blake's color was green and Leah's was rainbow.  Leah was required to wear at least 4 different colors.  They had a lot of fun choosing their outfits.  In fact I had it written down on the calendar for the 23rd.  Outfits were planned days in advance. At noon I glanced at the calendar and thought 'oh no, today was color day.  Leah is not going to be happy'  When I picked her up I mentioned this and she informed me that it had been the 24th.  The note had said Wednesday the 23.  I only say the 23, but they had announced it at school.  I thought Leah should get a personal prize it was such a great outfit. Blake's class won an overall school prize for having the most dressed up kids. 

Blake and Leah did the Terry Fox run on Thursday.  Leah was required to run 9 km and Blake did about 6.  On Monday they had just had a Cross Country Run also that was a few km long.  I manned a water station with another girl. (Happened to be Amber's sister)  It was fun to catch up with her.  

Cora's Terry Fox run was today.  We went up to watch her run.  She really did not want me to take a picture.  She said it made her feel like a 6 year old.  I told her I would give her a month or so to settle in, then I didn't care and I was taking pictures again.  At her high school they had Terry's brother, Fred, come and speak with them last week.  Cora said it was absolutely amazing.  Loved his speech and slides.  I had never heard of an actual family member coming and thought it was really neat.

Blake and Leah don't have school on Friday's.  Yep.  Ever.  Unless Monday is a holiday.  I find this very irritating.  Not sure how we are going to make it through the next 5 years.  Actually if Cora had them off maybe it would be OK. But anyways. So this morning we are up as usual at 5:30.  Leah is just slightly less then impressed that I was making her get up when there was no school.  Both younger kids were told the could go back to sleep right after scriptures.  Leah promptly left.  Blake was quite awake.  We got Dave off, made Cora's lunch and had breakfast with her.  Got Cora off, then were trying to stay quiet to not wake anyone up.  (Myrna was watching Rachel's two boys)  I decided to read in my room.  A few minutes later Blake came in like this.  He said he was going white water rafting.

He wanted to go on a Sunday and was sure that Cora's friend Meghan had done so.  Not sure why he wanted to go on Sunday.  He asked me what religion she was.  He promptly decided that is what he would be for the morning and that he would say a prayer on the raft.  He then sang 'Praise the Lord, Oh Praise the Lord.'  This woke Leah up and she decided to join him.

Leah was in charge of the fishing.  She said she caught a 'bull' fish.  I was seriously laughing so hard.  They went white water rafting for about 45 mins.


  1. That's awesome that Terry Fox's brother spoke at Cora's school - I would have loved to have been there.