Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Us in a Nutshell

Cora - She is starting to find some friends in school.  Everyone has been great very welcoming and very friendly.  It is  different here.  She has to listen to a lot of not nice language and talk. One day she just wanted to come home and take a shower because it was so awful.  But she is moving around and meeting lots of people.  Has found some groups and girls that are cleaner and she is starting to find a place.  Cora is starting to get into a routine.  It was killing us to get her to seminary, then back and only have 10 minutes until Blake and Leah got on the bus.  Sometimes I would find them back asleep or out playing with the dogs rather than ready for school. (Dave leaves for work at 6 and we leave at 7) Jared has started taking her in the morning.  He works in the same town.  He had to go half hour earlier, but it has made an amazing difference to our mornings. We are so thankful for him taking her. Cora is loving seminary. She is liking her new school and the classes. She is looking forward to basketball. Also she got a part in the play for drama.  Drama is an after school program, so it takes more time and driving back and forth. They have started piano again and are still hating it:)

Leah - She is doing OK, has made a friend.  She is also loving school and the programs.  She so did not want to do band, but there was no other option.  She ended up playing the flute and has really enjoyed it.  She is picking it up so fast.  Leah was going to play volleyball, but then the practices where the same day as piano.  They told her she could still play but would not have much playing time, which I totally understand.  Because of that she decided not to play.  Sounds like there is no interest for basketball for girls her age.  Leah is pretty sad that they will not have a team this year.  She is still working on people and trying to convince them to play.  We will see.  It has been very difficult for her to get up this year. We have to get up  just after 5:30 so we can read scriptures before Dave leaves.  She really does not like it when we get her up on Fridays since there is no school that day.  We let her go back to bed:) Also not liking piano. Leah enjoys the bus rides and she is doing well in school.  Has learned to manage her time a bit better with school work.  They run a lot for gym class and she has learned to love it.  Even asked me if I would sign her up for the Resolution Run.

Blake - He is getting to know more boys.  Seems to be having fun with them.  He has new blisters on his hands everyday from the monkey bars. No one particular that he talks about yet.  Well one kid that he know from church and cubs.  He is in a different school tho.  Blake is also loving cubs.  They have done some fun things.  The other day they went kayaking and roasted wieners.  Today they made orange rind bird feeders. Blake also loves riding the bus. He is finally getting used to all the new noises in a new house.  Only gets me up in the middle of the night once in a while now.  Although for some reason he is sure that there are spider webs all over him at night.??? Trying to figure out that one.  He is having fun with his cousins.  I can tell when he has to much cousin time, because he starts to get lippy and whinny.  Blake has found himself grounded a few times already.  He love to go over and help Dave on the house and check cows with him when it is Dave's week.  He gets right in there and shovels quite a bit of gravel for a boy.  When he is not distracted he works hard.

Me - YW is going great.  I have a wonderful set of girls.  We had a planning meeting yesterday and they come up with some fun ideas.  We planned through the end of February.  At first I had them just shout out ideas, then we listed what we could do combined with YM.  Next I asked what was the purpose for each activity.  That seemed to stump them a bit.  Wondered why I wanted to have a purpose.  I started laughing.  Thought they were kidding.  Apparently not.  We have kept all activities to one hour.  It is great, we are not out so late.  I helped with the Terry Fox run last week and got to know a few other moms.  Last night was a school meeting I would have like to go to, but it was YW night.  I am keeping myself busy an getting in a routine also.  Finding shopping days and time to exercise.  Making my lists and systems to work here. I think it is all going good.

Dave - His audit that he has been stressed about and preparing for the last 4 months ended up being OK. It was last week.  He has declared October to be house month.  He has been able to work more on it that last two days then he did the last 8 months. Dave has taken the next couple of days off to get some things done.  He works hard over there.  He and Jared have got a system with checking cows that is working great.  He is still the high council over our old ward.  Because of this he only attends our ward once a month.  Two in the old ward and then one on assignment. It has been great to have him home every night.  In a few days we will start to pay two mortgages which is a little stressful to say the least.  We just keep praying that the house will sell quickly.  Keep our fingers crossed.

Guess that was not a nutshell.  Sorry it was so long.


  1. Lots of adjustments for you guys - but it sounds like it is going well. Hope the kids continue to like their new schools.

  2. Sure enjoy reading your blog Charmaine, Lots of changes for you, but once your home is done, things will settle down. I am sad your girls are not enjoying piano. I went through that stage in my youth and begged my mom to let me quit. She wouldn't let me quit, but had me shift teachers which did inspire me to keep on. I am so grateful I didn't quit, as I wouldn't be ward organist like I have been all my life, and I wouldn't be making extra money teaching piano students today . So tell them to hang in there. They never know what is down life's road for them musically. I am sure Champion ward will need some future primary and ward organists. Love, Aunt Sheila

  3. I hope it's not because of our kids that Blake gets lippy and whinny? We sure enjoy having your kids over, they are very polite and always clean up after themselves!!!