Saturday, August 2, 2014

A Few Moments this Week

Blake had swimming lessons the last two weeks.  Dave was able to attend with him on parent day.  We didn't know if he would be able to, so I went prepared to swim.  Blake was so excited when he showed up just before hand.  Dave said he was doing really great.  Both interview days his teacher said he was doing good and everything looked great.  Monday we went to pick up his report card and were shocked to find out he had failed.  I have never had a kid fail before.  Blake was devastated. All the card said was he needed to slide his arm into the water instead of slapping it in, and to get it a little higher.  If he would have mentioned that we could have worked on it.  I told Blake I was counting it as a pass.:)

He loved swimming lessons.  He was nervous at first because this is the first year that his sisters did not have lessons also.  But in the end he was counting down the hours every day till he could go.

We have been scrubbing our house like crazy this week.  The kids have worked so hard.  We had the elders over for dinner on Monday and they helped us move all the furniture out of the house so the ceilings could be sprayed.  Myrna was there also and helped do some more painting and we stuck plastic all over the house.  Tuesday we took it easy, not much we could do with no furniture and plastic all over.  I took the kids to the cheap theater to get them out of the way as the ceiling was being sprayed.  The next day we moved all the furniture in by ourselves.  We wanted to surprise Dave and have it all done.  Dave had gone to the farm for a couple of day ,in the evening right after work, to help with the bailing.  The kids decided it would be fun to go to his work and have a picnic. Thursday we pack one up and up we went.  Dave reminded me the spray park was open and so we took the kid's suits.

It is a spray and fitness park.  The fitness part is so much fun.  I would love to have these in my back yard.

Blake would fill this bucket and just wait for it to dump on him.

The girls pretending that the water were lasers.

Today has been very busy.  We started early and worked hard.  We are so close to being ready.  My house is incredibly clean.  Inside and out.  We have been scrubbing everything.  Taking things apart to scrub or using toothbrushes and Q-tips.

Today alone we have dong through 6 Litres of Vinegar, 3 boxes of Baking Soda and 1/2 a container of Dawn.

The kids petered out about 5:30.  Cora had gone babysitting at 5, so around 6 we said OK you can be done.  Now at 8 I am preparing the Sunday School and Primary lessons I just got asked to sub and
Dave is still going strong on final painting and putting things back together.  It has been a long week, but it was so nice to have that little break and cool off with a picnic and spray park.


  1. If my kids only have a few things not checked off on their swim report cards I always still move them on. I think it's silly to make them do the whole class again just because they can't do a couple of things.

  2. That is a lot of work I need to go thru my house it needs it bad. I love to see the finished product. What a cool park we have some thing similar but not as cool.