Tuesday, August 26, 2014

First Official Week.

We had our first official week out at the farm.  Tuesday Dave and I moved a few loads of bails.  Friday Amber and Jared finished almost the entire rest of the field.  We only did one and a half loads and then moved over to another field.  After one load there, it was to dark to continue.  We came in and unloaded a few more boxes and got some other stuff settled.  I feel a lot better about leaving the kids in the house, now that they have a place to go and not in Grandmas way all the time.  Saturday we loaded up the grain truck and took a load to the dump.  Dave wanted all the kids to come.  He was excited to have them all there helping.

It has been so much fun to spend  time together.  We hung out all day.  After the dump we went down to the field to get a few more loads of bails.  The girls each took a turn driving the tractor and learning how to shift.  They did very well.  Leah was very nervous at first, she thought a bail would fall on her, but after she got the hang of it she did great. 

It felt great to get back in the tractor.  I really do love being on the farm.  I wish we could have given Cora more time here. She is the one that is the most excited about the move.  

I also can't wait to get them out there more.  Our goal is to have the kids and I do as much as we can while Dave is at work to free up some of his time. Hopefully we will get started early on this next year.

We start school in a week.  We attended church in our ward on Sunday.  Everyone was so friendly and happy to have us there.  We felt very welcome.  I love that we can go anywhere in the world and have the same lessons and spirit there.  Truly a wonderful thing about the gospel.  To me it just further proves how true The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is. The gospel is the same no matter what, no matter where.  Truth is not changed. We have yet to get time to work on the house.  Hopefully soon.  Dave has not had time to work on it since February. Poor house has just sat there.  But it has been so nice seeing him every night.  Even when we have come in at 11:30 at night, and the kids are asleep, they know we are there and it has made a difference. It was the perfect first weekend together.