Monday, August 18, 2014

Finally Bit the Dust

About 5 years ago, Dave's dad sold him the old blue Oldsmobile for $1.  We were in need of a new (to us) car and they had bought a new one for themselves.  I remember them sitting at Swiss Chalet and signing the papers over.  It was an older car and didn't look the prettiest, but it sure got us everywhere we wanted to go.  It was great on gas, awesome in the snow, and we could pack a ton in it.  Made the perfect ski vehicle.  The last couple of years as Dave has been travelling so much to the farm and back we have really worn this poor car down.  A year ago it started to give us trouble.  Dave has done some tweaking and fixing.  At one point we even prayed that we could just get a few more years out of it.  And we did.  Finally a few weeks ago the sad thing just could not go on any longer.  Dave tried a few more things and really didn't want to be done yet, but it was time to take it to the Metal Yard.  Friday we followed him in the Tahoe, so he would have a ride home.  We were hoping to drive it all the way.  Then the big hill, coming out of the coulee did it in.  At a stop light it coughed and died.  All the kids jumped out of the Tahoe and helped push it off the highway (luckily we were right next to an exit) and about 1/2 block.  I have awesome tough kids:) There it sat over the weekend. Today we went to finish the job.  Dave tried to start it.  Nothing but noise.  We ended up towing it the last 2 miles.  Not the most legal move, we took a chance.  Since I did not know where we where going, I sat in the car.  At one point we crossed the double lane highway.  Dave literally had my life in his hands.  It was a bit of a nerve wracking experience. The kid at the metal yard was very impressed with the miles we had gotten on the car.  574000. He was a great kid.  I think he really loved his job.  Dave asked if he could squish it right there for the kids to see.

Pretty awesome.  The crazy thing is, Dave's truck has not been running good for the last couple of years.  In his few spare moments he has worked on this also.  For the last 6 months it has just sat.  The day the car died he started it up and it ran great.  Has been running fine ever since.  I tell ya, it is a dang good thing we pay our tithing.  Feeling blessed.  The kids think they have had a very exciting day. 


  1. That is an amazing amount of kilometres. Glad your truck is working now. Vehicles can be such a pain.

  2. Mom and Dad had a car just like that one only it was a dark navy. I learned how to drive in it. They were nice cars. I love to hear stories that build my faith. I agree tithing is a amazing blessing.