Thursday, August 7, 2014

Little Things

I like to do little things for my family.  I have never been one for the big gesture.  Not that I would turn it down:).  But I like to let them know I was thinking of them while out shopping, while they where at school/work, brighten a  crappy day, etc.   I love to send them little notes in their lunches.  Sometimes we will eat the cookie dough instead of cooking it.  So much better that way.  Tea parties.  I know they love fun paint cards to use as book marks, so I stopped and grabbed a bunch for them as a surprise.

Once in a while I will buy a favorite treat and slip it in the lunch box.  I like to go for walks at night with everyone.  Leah loves gum, a few days ago she was not having the best day.  I picked up a pack for her and brought it home.  A few weeks ago I thought it would be fun to fold the toilet paper every time I was done with it.  I was going to just keep doing it until someone said something.  It took 3 days and Cora mentioned it first.  The joke was on me tho, because Dave had seen it the first day and instead of saying something he started folding it also.  I had no idea.

I love taking them to Shakespeare in the Park.  Dave told us about this last year and the kids loved it.  A last minute trip to The Fix is always a surprise and loved.  Sometimes we will pop into a movie at the cheap theater.  Or movie night at the library.  It is fun to surprise them with a favorite meal, or something they have been mentioning they haven't had for a while.  Fresh baked cookies or scones when they get home from school is always a hit.  Walking around our local lake.  I love my family and love to show them that I do. For me it really is the little things in life that make a big difference. What do you do for your kids?  Do you like the big gesture or little things?  Any other neat ideas I could use?


  1. I am a little gesture too! Well I think? I like to do both and receive both. That was a fun post to read. Gave me some good Ideas. Thanks for sharing. Funny about the toilet paper :)