Sunday, July 13, 2014


I always think of a family reunion as a day where you go to a church or a park and sit with a bunch of people you don't really know. You eat lunch or dinner and try to remember who belongs to whom.  But I realized this year that the week we all come home and spend on our parents farm is indeed a family reunion.  I know I am pretty quick, only been doing it for 20 years.  Honestly the most looked-forward-to week of the year. I grew up in an amazingly beautiful place just below the mountains.  The farm has so much room for the kids to go and do anything. Now that the kids are getting older and make a lot of their own plans it is even more enjoyable.  My kids all said they thought this was the funnest year ever.

Dave picked up the girls from YW camp and drove them straight to the farm.  We aired everything out, got them showered and helped my mom prepare for everyone coming in that night.

Sunday my nephew McKay was ordained an Elder.  He only has about 6 weeks till mission time. We had a fabulous taco bar at Cannon and Nicole's after church.  Because of McKay's ordination and going through the temple, Nicole's brother and family and her parents where up this week also.  6 extra cousins to play with.  Tuesday morning my parents took all the 12 and ups to do temple baptism.  They had a picnic lunch, then the adults went in for a session as McKay took out his endowments.  That was really neat.  Lots and lots of fun activities done this past week.

Canal surfing.  This was fun to watch.

Natalie had to do our annual pedicure and eyebrow tweeze.  See her fabulous vinyl gloves:).  She likes feet as much as I do.

Of course we all ooohhhed and aaahhhed and were extremely jealous of Brynn's hair all week.  That thickness and color is something you truly have to see yourself.  Kita has really thick hair and I think if you combines her, Natalie and my hair it would be about like Brynn's. Kita again brought up a few bags of clothes and we went "shopping at the Jones' store"  Such a great store.

There was tubing and bridge jumping.

Wouldn't be a reunion without a trip to the Pioneer Parlour for ice cream.

Makita and Steve had just come back from trek in Idaho.  It was fascination to hear the stories.  Our stake doesn't do trek.  After ice cream, Steve got everyone to play and impromptu game of 'Poisonous Stump'  It was a hit and was played many more times through out the week.

There was lots of chatting and many many games of Tomato with the teens.  They stayed up till midnight most nights.

On Friday, the teens that did not have to work decided to go back into the temple and do more baptisms.  I think that is so cool.  What a great way to kill some time.  They just decided to go, gathered everyone up.  Brock has a license and in they went.  Fantastic group of cousins we have. That night after Abby and McKay got off work was Teen Night.  This year they decided on dinner and swimming.  So much fun.  A brilliant idea my mom had a few years ago.  Everyone twelve and up really looks forward to this night together.

More cards.

The 'hay ride' to the local country store is always a hit.

We also spent a day in Waterton.  I actually made it up Bear's Hump.  My dad stayed right with me.  (He also walked with me a couple of mornings.  He usually runs a few miles but just walked with me.  I enjoyed our early morning chats.) I was actually pretty proud of myself for doing it.  

Red Rock Canyon is so beautiful.  We had a picnic there and then played in the water.

Every year when I blog about this week, I usually remember lots of fun things later.  I am sure it will be the same this time.  But this week is so relaxing.  I love being with my sisters.  (I missed Taylor and Kristin not being there) Cooking, cleaning, sharing recipes we have got new that year. Talking late into the night, seeing each others kids, napping because we stayed up to late, and just being with them.  I love it.  I love everyone one of my siblings.  I feel a gap when one isn't there.  They are all amazing.  We all have different personalities and things we are good at.  Different things we struggle with. But all together we make a whole. And together we are strong.  As always we are already looking forward to next year and thegood times to be had.


  1. It really does sound like an amazing time!!! I long for something like this and I am so happy you have this each year to look forward to! It truly does make a family more united and close knit when memories like these are shared!!! Great post Char!!!! :)

  2. Wow. That really does sound like a fun time. Isn't family the best. I was able to do Trek and Moroni's Quest as a teenager. I am really sad our stake doesn't participate. There is nothing quite like it.

  3. Yup, you have a great family!! Sounds like fun!!