Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Off They Go!!!

After 18 months, today was the day.  YAY!!  Actually she was really sad to get them off.  Loved her braces.  Only twice did they hurt.
I wanted a during picture with the wires coming off, buy I was getting my teeth cleaned at the same time.  So I just got the mold making. Doesn't she look pleased that I am taking a picture right now?
Look at those awesome straight teeth.  

Killing a little time at the temple while we waited our 30 mins after fluoride before we could eat.

Cora trying to be taller than her younger sister:)

Celebration time, come on!!  Took them to Dave's for a burger and milkshake to celebrate getting the braces off and nobody had any cavities.  Very successful trip today.
I made them all pose for a shot eating their burgers.  Yummy!!

I warned Cora ahead of time that her teeth would look huge after she got the braces off.  She said she felt like that commercial where they dogs are posed with people teeth and they look really funny on them.  I just laughed at her and told her she would get used to it soon.  She looks great.  


  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! CORA YOU LOOK AMAZING!!!! You always have but even more so now!!!!! You look so much older now!! Congrats!!!!!

  2. Yippee!!!!!!!!!! It's so amazing what a little wire can do!!! Emry got her brackets put back on today, she's had 3 fall off since she got them on last Wednesday!!! She is getting used to them and is hardly saying they hurt her anymore!!! Cute pictures of the kids and you!!!!

  3. Looking good Cora. Boy, 18 months makes quite a difference. You are grown up! You've always been beautiful! Love Grandma P.

  4. Gorgeous! First thing I did after getting mine off was have a pop, and dad bought me a bag of turtles!! Enjoy having your braces off Cora!