Thursday, July 17, 2014

Young Women's Camp

I love my mountains.  May have mentioned that once or twice or a hundred times.  The girls had a blast at YW camp this year. As usual most of the pictures Leah took where of trees and flowers, not many with people in them.  It was Leah's first and Cora's third camp.
It was a stake camp this year and the theme was B.O.O.T.  Build on our testimonies.
There was the usual hikes and firesides.  One night they brought up a generator and had an outdoor movie.  Watched 'Follow Me Boys'  It was great weather for a camp.  Some hot days and cooler nights the girls said.
Leah got her hair braided for the camp.  Easier to take care of.

One of Cora's requirements was outdoor cooking.  Some didn't work, but this one did.  She said the biscuits were great.  As it turned out the ward we are moving to next month did not have any leaders to go with.  (We are staying in the same stake) The two girls ended up combining with our ward.  It worked great for us.  Cora and Leah got to know the girls that they will be with in the fall a little better.
With the theme being BOOT camp there were a lot of activities and props around this.  The girls all got army shirts and dog tags with the scripture and theme on it.  This army tank was set on a 4-wheeler and used all week.  They used it to call the girls to activities and wake up.  There was a slot in the side for each ward.  In this slot is where, any time through out the day, the girls could drop and check for their pixie gifts.
Spiritual Jenga.  Each block had something written on it to help build our testimonies.  Genealogy, scripture reading, prayer, etc.  The point was if we take any of these away then our testimonies start to fall.

It was a wonderful camp.  Leah said better than she was expecting.  They made journals and so many other things I don't remember.  Glad they had fun.

I knew I would forget some things from the reunion.
We all now have matching scars.  Kita's are pretty tiny we had to point them out. ;) The lighting was not great so you can't really tell, but they are all there.  On every knee.

Hard at work.

My happy Father.

Every year the grand kids watch all 3 Indiana Jones movies.  It is tradition.  No idea how it started but they have been doing it for many many years now.


  1. We were just watching the Indiana Jones movies one year and decided to do it every year. Its the only time I ever watch them. That and the Bourne series also!!! Love hanging out with cousins! And the young women camp sounded like a ton of fun!!!