Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Fort

This is a catch up post.  From Blake's last day of school. Years ago when Dave did a triathlon in Fort Macleod we took the kids to the old fort afterwards.  It was really neat.  I loved looking at all the old buildings and museums. Blake's class had planned a field trip there and I went as a parent volunteer.  It was so much more fun.  When you take a group of school kids they have a ton of activities that are available.  A short skit.  Interactive story telling. They kids each got to be an animal and when they said the animal in the story they got to get up and make the sounds.
Trying to throw arrows at the moving 'buffalo' to catch food for the family.
There were chores to do.  The kids feed the goats, did laundry, put a pile of things away, and check the fort for any stray animals, strange people and objects out of place.

We then divided into Red Coats and Whiskey Traders.  They checked horses and did some tug-of-wars.  The Red Coats them barged in on the whiskey traders and arrested them.  There was a trial and all the traders where thrown in jail.
After their release the Red Coats got thrown in jail for abandoning their horses.  That was each group got a turn.
Leah had no school that day so she came with me and helped with the kids.
It was a really great day.  Perfect weather and so many fun things to do.  


  1. Looks like a good time! We were going to take the boys last year and never made it - maybe this year.