Saturday, July 5, 2014

Just Blake and I

This week the girls have been at Young Women's camp.  Dave has been home in the evening, painting.  So it has been just Blake and I.  We have had some good times.  I didn't realize how much he depends on his sisters for playmates.  Even though they fight some times they really are good friends.  It was never more apparent then this week he has spent with out them.  Our mosquitoes have been terrible.  We couldn't even go outside with bug spray on. He helped me a lot getting ready for the family reunion that starts today.  We cleaned out closets so they would be ready for Dave to paint and did some deep cleaning in the basement. Blake and I cooked dinner and did dishes every night.  He found things to do in the evening as I helped Dave a little. One night, after Dave was done for the evening, we tried to spray up and go for a walk.  We did not make it far.  But I have made sure to do a lot of things with him and relish this time with just the two of us.  We made balloon rockets.

He made stuff with marshmallows and skewers.  I looked all over for the mini marshmallow and toothpicks but did not find them till the next morning.  Oh well!  He had fun.

The ice volcanoes where fun.  Blake saved some to do with his sisters.

We mowed the lawn and picked tons of strawberries.  Fresh strawberries from our garden with cream was so good. We have made cupcakes and cookies for this next week.  We went for a bike ride around Henderson.  The hour we were biking was the only windy, rainy hour of the entire week.  We still made it around a couple of times.

Blake has been a little obsessed making guns with his Lego lately.  You can't see his top or back pockets but Blake is packing a totally of 4 guns, 2 grenades, and 2 bombs.  We are going to be save from any attackers, don't you worry.  Yesterday we got groceries and did laundry and cleaned.  Dave went up to be the priesthood holder at YW camp.  Blake and I decided to have a fun night out just us.  We went to Earl's for dinner.  I had two free tickets to a movie.  Blake picked Transformers: Age of Extinction.  I really should win a Mother of the Day award for sitting through that movie.  And in 3D none the less.  Really do not like 3D movies.  Do not get the big excitement.  Actually the movie was not bad.  Had a lot of funny parts and was not fighting the entire time as I had anticipated.  It was long and we got back late, but a perfect end to my week with just Blake and I.  Earlier Dave and I told Blake that he should get used to this since at 15 both his sisters will be gone and it will be just us everyday:) 

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  1. First I want to say that Blake is looking like a little man. Growing and Growing. Second wow! sounds like you did a lot and had some fun in the proses. Third we watched the Lego movie last night and it was awesome Tucker and I both loved it. Randan steel on the fence. I wans going to let Tucker watch it because form the previews it looked a little crud but when I read that you and your family had seen it I changed my mind and decied we could see it when it came out to video. So glad I did it had a good message. I guess I am saying thanks for being my critic.