Thursday, April 3, 2014

Who Guessed Where??

Here are every ones guesses.  I think if you click on the picture it will make it bigger so you can read it better.  I had a lot of fun doing this.  Congratulations to McKay and the lucky people in Colorado Springs that get to have you serve there.

The winners are Ty and Mike.  I remember saying the grand prize was the knowledge that you were right and maybe I would spring for a chocolate bar.  Apparently only the chocolate bar part was read:)  My favorite guess was by Ryan.  He guess Old Navy (the airport was also a guess he made)  I looked it up and there is an Old Navy in Colorado Springs.  I figure if McKay can give away a Book of Mormon in the Old Navy sometime in the next two years, then we will count Ryan as winning also.  Thanks everyone for playing my game.  Good luck McKay!!

Last weeks Women's Conference was really nice.  There was a beautiful video that they showed that I would like to show for FHE next time it is my turn.  We had a little dinner before hand then all watched the session.  I sat between my girls.  My in-laws are without a building right now because of renos.  So Myrna, Amber and Emry came and watched it at our ward. It was a great night.
Before we left I had this idea for Leah's hair.  After I did it and she looked at it she told me it was called a ladder braid, except I did a twist.  I was brilliant and did not even know it:)

Leah's nails.  She had a great time having me do these.  She has been trying to use tape to make designs, but it is so sticky it was just pulling the polish off.  I picked up some of those rings for ripped paper for binders. (I have no idea what they are called)  They worked great.
Cora wanted a picture of her nails too.  Just because.  She is like me and can't stand to have polish on her nails.  We both start picking at it and biting our nails again.  Cora does keep them clean and trim though. Leah is always painting her and trying new designs and patterns. Cora and I do our toes instead.
Dave has been working crazy to get this house ready to sell.  For the last week or two he has been getting up at 4ish to either scratch the cement in prep to prim, painting walls, or moving boxes.  Then he does more painting, filling holes, sanding etc right after work till about 10 at night.  While he is at work or sleeping things are drying so he can get back at it again.  We call him up just in time for dinner then he goes straight back to work again.  He is trying to get as much as he can done before the 12th when they start calving and he will be gone half the week again.  We have tried to help him with what we can, moving stuff around and cleaning up around him, dejunking, and putting things back.  I know he enjoys the work.  I am so glad that he knows how to do it. We still have to put trim in the basement, repaint upstairs, paint Cora's ceiling and the family room downstairs, and fix a hole in the bathroom wall.  As soon as it is all ready we will put the house up for sale.  Scary thought.


  1. Cute hair and nails. It is so much work to get ready to put your house on the market - I remember - I hope I never need to do it again! ps. they are called reinforcements!

    1. Thank you. I will have remember that instead of calling them paper fixer thingy. :)

  2. Great job on the hair! It's so cool looking I think it's funny you can't stand polish on your nails cause I can't stand to NOT have polish. They feel like dry chalk. I can barely stand it long enough to take off the polish to repaint!