Friday, April 25, 2014

Easter Fun Continues.

We have had a wonderful Easter.  They kids have got along so well.  They have done a few chores each day we were home and really entertained themselves.  I am happy to report that it was mostly sidewalk chalk, walks, bike rides and reading.  Almost no wii or movies.  I have loved it.  Blake went to the farm with Dave one day and he had so much fun.  There was two calves born the day he was up so Blake got right in helping his dad with those.

One day was really warm and we took a picnic and went on a walk.  That afternoon it quickly turned cold and so I decided to take the kids to the cheap theater and watch a movie.  Most of the week has been spent at my parents house.  I had really wanted to fly somewhere for Easter, but it was not working out for us.  I couldn't seem to find the cheap flights I keep hearing about. (I am still trying for Christmas) So I called my mom and asked if we could book a reservation at her fine establishment.  She consulted with her booking agent and arrangements were made. :) The morning of Natalie did not think she was going to be able to come after all since Ryan had thrown up in the night.  But he seemed perfectly fine after and she ended up coming.  Blake was so disappointed when he thought Colton would not be there to play with.  Dad took all the boys to the Hutterite Colony to get some honey.  Expensive honey as it turns out.:)

We spent the couple days out there talking, planning summer, and cooking.  The kids again where awesome together.
The first day was so so windy.  But the second day they all helped Grandpa set the trampoline back up and bring out all the summer chair, then cleaned them all off.  
They also played a spy sort of game.  There was two teams.  One team would run and hide some where on the farm and then the second team would have walkie talkies and had to find them.  If you could find the teams jail you could rescued your captured team mates. They played for quite a while.  
There were some board game played and Blake dug a huge hole in the sand.  It went clear down to the plastic.  He said it was almost up to his arm pit. Ryan had heard that the sand might blow away so he went out to be obedient and shoveled it all back in by himself.  There may have been a little bit of sand in his shoes.  And socks.  And pockets.

I love how these kids are growing up.  I love that they use their imaginations and don't need a lot of toys or electronics to entertain them.  I love that they use board games and make things up.  I love that my parents have the best huge back yard where they can just go.
Another day we were there my parents had hidden mason jars filled with candy all over the yard.  They sent the kids out to find them.  One jar was left and Ryan had not found one yet.  All the kids wanted him to have one also.  They all circles the spot where it was buried until he spotted it.  That is awesome looking out for one another.  They then brought it all back in and divided it up to enjoy.  This is the third time we could remember my parents getting us candy for Easter.  We were a little surprised when my mom told us there was a hunt planned.  The kids loved it.
We are wrapping things up.  Today was grocery shopping and laundry.  I am putting the finishing touches on my talk for Sunday.  Cora and Blake are reading.  Leah is at a party. (She was invited to a teenage murder mystery party.  Because it is teenage they don't do murder, instead it is someone turned on the sprinkler system at the prom.  She was so excited to get dressed up into character and go)  Dave is going to stay late at work so I can pick her up and meet him there.  She is going to the farm with him this weekend.  Can't wait to hear about the party and who did it. We are getting ready to head back to school and putting more finishing touches on the house. This has been the best Easter yet.

Natalie, here is my new couch.  I forgot to bring pictures when we were out at mom's.  I am not super excited about the pillows, but plan to cover them in the same material I will use for the seats you are going to help me with that we talked about.
Amazing how they seem to be exactly the same as my chairs.  Bought 1 1/2 years apart and at two different locations.  That is pretty good.  I was so glad Cora spotted this couch.
So here it is now.  Where do you want me to put the plant or plants?

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  1. I really like the pillow on the left. Sounds like you had a fun Easter.