Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Samoa Chocolates

There is a cookie at Real Canadian Superstore called Caramel Coconut Cookies.  There are the No Name brand. Which seems funny to type.  Seriously these cookies are so amazing.  They taste exactly like the Samoa Girl Guide Cookies.  Caramel, coconut, and chocolate are all some of my favorite things, and here they are combines.  What could be better.   I follow Mel's Kitchen Cafe religiously. (And if you don't then you should get right on that Last week she made a Samoa Cupcake.  This got me thinking that a chocolate would be to die for.
And I was right.  I used her topping for the cupcake, but exchanged the milk for cream and used a little less coconut.

Samoa Chocolates
35 Kraft Caramels pieces unwrapped (approx 1 bag)
3 Tbsp Cream
2 1/2 Cups Toasted Coconut
Dipping Chocolate
Melt the caramels and cream together, stirring until smooth.  When coconut is toasted mix into the caramel.  Let sit for about 5 mins.  Shape into balls and dip in melted chocolate.
I always freeze what I am going to dip, especially if it is soft like these.  I am not a really great dipper, so this make is easier for me.
We literally could not stay out of these.  These melt in your mouth.  The kids where grabbing one every time they walked through the kitchen. It is a good thing I made a small batch to try first. Dave did not try them for a while, he was busy painting.  When he did he deemed them amazing also.  We have decided they a must keep for Christmas Chocolate making.

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