Monday, April 7, 2014

12 Years Old

Leah has been so excited for this birthday.  12 is a big one.  She gets to go to Young Women's.  She gets to do baptisms for the dead. She gets to wear dangly earrings.  She gets her nice set of scriptures. And birthday's are always fun.  Leah wanted to open presents first thing in the morning.  We gave her a Rainbow Loom, Scriptures, and  Tea Set.  She was going to get contacts, but after 2 trips to the Dr. Leah still couldn't get them in her eyes.  We have decided to wait 6 months then let her try again.  We also got her some clothes for her doll, but they have not come in yet and we didn't tell her.  It will be a surprise. We have booked the temple to do baptisms on the 17th as a family and the youth are going on the 12th.  She will get to go twice, right away.
I did not even ask Leah what she wanted for her birthday dinner this year.  It was not worth it because I already knew.  Spaghetti! She really is the most spaghettiest eating girl I know.  For breakfast she requested English muffins and bacon.
Leah asked for a DQ cake.  It was so good.  She ended up choosing the Oreo Blizzard Cake.
We did not do much for her birthday as it was General Conference Weekend.  On Saturday Dave was working on the house still.  He is hoping to have it up for sale by end of April. We moved everything to the center of the room so he could paint and listen at the same time.  After every talk Saturday morning Dave would say what a good talk it was.  Cora started teasing him that he was just saying that so we would think he was listening.:) But I think Saturday morning might have been my favorite. (Dave says I need to listen to the priesthood one since Elder Uchtdorf's was awesome.  Hmm maybe it was Elder Oaks.  Guess I will have to read it all) During conference there was a lot of bracelets made.  Blake made some mazes with his Lego and a marble.  During the sessions the kids went outside. We finally had some beautiful weather. (I saw a saying this morning that made me laugh. "This is a lovely winter we are having this spring") They drew with chalk and played basketball.

All day Leah was singing. 'It's my birthday.  I can do what I want to.' Even wrote it on the side walk for the world to see.  It was a fantastic family spent day.  Happy 12th Leah!!!
Sunday we got ready and settled for the morning session.  We were commenting how we loved to stay home and in our sweats or pjs to watch conference, and wondered if anyone still dressed up to stay home. If I was going to go to the effort to get in my Sunday clothes I would drive to the church.  So here is Cora and I.
Then Dave came down all ready with scriptures, suit, notebook, and pens. (He changed back for the afternoon session.)He thought he was pretty funny;) 
Since Kita shared this Hassleback potato recipe it has been a favorite.  Yesterday we decided to try upping the ante a bit.  In each slice we put some bacon and green onions.  SO GOOD! Blake put cheese on his and said it tasted just like a potato skin.  We had Ham, these potatoes and layered Jell-O.  Then the rest of Leah's birthday cake for dessert.
Funny how some recipes bring back memories.  I can tell you the first time I made this layered Jell-O.  It was summer time and we were getting together with the Puzey clan at the house Jared lived in on the highway.  At this point Dave and I were the only ones married, but Amber and Steve were there.  I remember Steve in the hammock. I was pregnant with Cora.  I had just had this at a work get together and got the recipe from a co-worker.  I thought this would be the perfect time to try it myself.  It was simple and delicious, just took some time.  But I remember how pretty it was and every one else loved it and wanted the recipe also. I have rarely made it in the last couple years.  But we enjoyed the Jell-O and the reminiscing yesterday.
Time for the last session.  Leah and Blake really got into it.  Our computer stalled and we missed the last 15 mins.  We are hoping we will be able to get it for FHE tonight.  I hope we did not miss some great announcement or blessing from the prophet.  They were all wonderful talks again.  We went for a walk during sessions and the kids played with chalk again.  It really is my favorite weekend of the year.

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  1. I keep hearing that Elder Oaks talk is the one to catch from Priesthood Session. But wasn't it a great conference overall? So many that I look forward to reading and pondering when I can see the text on the page. Love your pics!