Saturday, April 19, 2014

Beginning of Easter Week

Wednesday Leah had her final badminton tournament.  I forgot the camera so I only have crappy pictures taken with my phone.  She did pretty good.  One partner ditched her and then another was sick.  She was not overly pleased with the one she ended up with, but it happens.

It was cold and snowy so soccer was cancelled that night.  Ended up being nice we got some things done I didn't think I would have time for.  Thursday was every one's final Easter class parties.  Leah asked me to make snickerdoodle muffins.  The day before they had a bake sale and I made Amber's Oreo cupcakes.  They were a big hit.  Months ago we had booked Thursday to do temple baptisms with Leah.  We did not have enough priesthood that were able to come and the temple told me I would have to cancel.  Even though she had done them last week with the youth I still wanted to go with her.  I asked Leah about it and she suggested we ask our home teacher.  I thought it was a lot to ask of someone to drive down there.  He was very willing to go and we are so grateful he did.  Nicole stayed outside with Blake and Levi.  It was a nice evening.  I love going and doing the baptisms and I love having my children there with me.  One of the workers took Leah and I aside and asked us to come on a little tour with him since Leah was new.  We enjoyed that.  Last week when she got home Leah made a font out of Lego. Oh and the brown thing is her kiwi bird.

Friday we had decided to sleep in since we could. Then at 6:25 a.m. we were all wide wake.  Oh well.  We had breakfast then the girls and I went to clean the church.  I figured out how to get Leah to work.  I strapped this vacuum on her and plugged it in, turned it on and told her where to start. She didn't know how to get it off.  It worked perfect. 

After we had a simple lunch.  Dave and I spent the morning rearranging the house to make it look it's best.  We have only a few more things left to do.  Kids cleaned their rooms and played on the wii.  Cora did a deep clean out of her clothes since we had just gotten more from Smith's.  In the afternoon Dave spent hours getting the last of our taxes ready to go in.  I made buns, did some laundry, and some sewing.  Blake and Leah played in the rain. As soon as it started raining hard they wanted to go outside.  That is when I would have chosen to come inside. Everyone took a little break in the afternoon.  I had hidden mini caramilk eggs, mini peanut butter cups, a milka for each of them and a chocolate bunny for each around the house.  We did an actual egg hunt which we haven't done for years. Dave looks at me funny every year when I do the Easter treats on Friday, but I like to save Sunday for the true meaning of Easter.  I feel Christmas has been really taken over.  I don't want Easter to become this way.  They had fun searching all over the house for them.  But I forgot to buy Mini Eggs.  Remembered just as I went to pay.  I will probably never hear the end of it.  Good thing they are sold year round and I can get some next shopping trip. It was not a lot of candy, but they had fun searching for it.  That night we watched a movie and off to bed.

Blake could not make up his mind if he wanted to go with his Dad today or not.  He really wanted to go, but for only half a day.  Another bonus of getting out there is the kids really can come and go.  We don't have to arrange the whole day just to spend a few hours.  Dave will be able to work on a few things after work even if he does have something in the evening. And when he is working the kids can at least still eat with him or know their dad is close by when they go to bed. Anyways in the end he decided to go.  His work boots were soaking, he left them out in the rain last night, and he has no work shoes that fit anymore.  Dave suggested gum boots, but he didn't have any of those that fit either.  Apparently I need to do some shopping for him:)  I told him all I had were Leah's old purple flowered ones.  Blake said he didn't care.  There were a few holes in them, so I sent him out to have Dave duck tape the holes up.  This is what he came back in like.

They are off to do what Blake calls 'boy stuff'.   The girls and I have spent a while sitting in the sun reading.  This afternoon we have a long list of sewing projects we need to get taken care of. Also we will go over their Personal Progresses and see what to work on for the next week.  Cora and I have Ladiesfest coming up and are off to go for a run together.  Well we will start together anyways, she is much faster and better endurance.  

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  1. Ty bought one of your oreo cupcakes at the bake sale and has been raving about them:)