Saturday, April 12, 2014

Newest Little Cousin

We made a quick trip to see the newest addition to the Puzey clan yesterday.  We had been trying to figure out for a couple of days when we had time to go up and see them.  Everyone really wanted to go.  Blake said that he would be willing to give up the birthday party he was invite to so we could go yesterday. Dave went into work at 5 so he could leave early.  We meet him there and headed up.
Leah has been dying to hold this little girl since she was born Monday.  She is a girl and born in April.  The only thing that could have made it better in Leah's eyes was for her to be born two days earlier on her birthday.
We are now up to 4 girls on that side.  Still outweighed by boys. 4-7. She really is a cute, little, sweet thing.  I even held her.  That is pretty big for me.  I totally could have taken her home.  Then I remember the sleepless nights and was good just to cuddle her for a while.

Cora was loving holding her also.  I am thinking this little one may be a little spoiled by my girls in the next few years. Or forever:)

 Welcome to the family Cadence Elaine Atwood.  
After leaving the Atwoods' we gassed up, at our dinner (It was a little difficult for Dave to each his sandwich and yogurt on Deerfoot.  Made an interesting drive. Hand Dave sandwich, take a bit, take sandwich back, make a sandwich for a kid, hand Dave sandwich back.  It was good though) Blake has been really wanting to go to the Lego store.  We told him multiple times we would only be looking.  He tried so hard not to ask for anything.  The girls found some little key chains that were not much and Blake found a little $6 set.  Dave decided that we have not got them anything for a while and it wasn't much.  So Dad got it for them.  We got home at 10 but Blake could not wait any longer to put it together.  It was small and he did it quickly, then slept till 8 this morning.  It was a fun little get away.

Leah had her first temple baptisms this morning.  We got back quite late and I was worried about her getting up.  Dave turned on the light at 5 am and before he had his teeth brushed Leah was up.  Cora didn't sleep much last night, but she always gets up good.  I had made them snickerdoodle muffins, bought juice boxes and yogurt to send with them to eat in the morning.  I sent lots so if any one else rode with them, they could share.  The girls were the last of the group and there had been a few back out so they got to do 10 names each.  Dave baptized everyone.  Leah came back very excited to go again on Thursday.

We figured our kids were pretty deprived when they got so excited about the escalators at West Edmonton Mall.  Now we have decided maybe they are just strange.  Dave was speculating that perhaps the toothpaste was giving him heartburn at night.  I bought a different brand to see if this was the case.  The feedback and critiquing of a new brand of toothpaste from the kids was hilarious.  It went on for a couple days.  They would let me know how they felt about the color, flavor and texture.  Even what they thought about the tube.  Seriously strange:)


  1. Love Cadence's pictures with her cousins! She's such a lucky girl.

  2. I hope I can write on this one and make up for all the ones I have missed. I just got done catching up took me a while that's how bad I am but I want you to know I really enjoy reading your blog and keeping up with my cousins as much as I can. Thanks again and keep up the good work.