Sunday, March 30, 2014

Great Lessons

The last couple of weeks the kids have had some great lesson that they have been able to participate in.

Cora:  This was a three week activity for YW.  On the first week the missionaries assigned to our ward came and taught the youth about their schedules, lessons and about their calls.  Each person got a call and a companion.  They were also assigned a mission president, one of the youth leaders, and were given a small copy of Preach my Gospel.  For the next two weeks they were ask to live as close to missionary standards as they could.  Very little Internet time and TV, etc.  During the second week they had to contact their companions, practice a discussion, make an appointment with their president, and then have dinner with and give the lesson to their presidents.  Cora was called to the Toronto, Canada mission and went to the YM President's house for her dinner and lesson.  She had so much fun.  She said the lesson went really well.  She ate everything that they gave her, even tomatoes and pineapple. Cora said that they gave her dating advice and taught her how to egg people:)  The last week they had to report on their missions.  I thought this was a really wonderful idea and all the kids had a great time.
Cora was invited to go to her friend's church (I am not sure what her church is called) on Friday and go to their youth.  She said basically is was paint balling, but with ping pongs balls.  There were a couple of different congregations from town that all got together to play, so there was lots of kids.  They played in black light, the glow of the ping pong ball was really neat she said.  Cora came home so excited.  Said it was really really fun.

Leah:  She had her last Primary today.  She finished her Faith in God, just in time.  For 11 months all she has had to finish was three Articles of Faith.  She kept putting it off.  It was starting to drive me crazy.  But she finished and is looking forward to going into YW the week after General Conference.  After her last Activity Days Girls, last week, the YW leaders gave her all the YW stuff, Personal Progress, True to the Faith etc.  She has also been invited to join them a week early since it is a two week activity and she needs to be there for the first one.

Blake:  This is the talk that Blake wrote for Primary today.  The only parts I help with were, I added in the words "and learning my Articles of Faith" and "I am excited to see were I will go"  I also helped him look up a scripture to read.  He really wrote the rest by himself.
Hi, my topic is missionary work.  My cousin is going on a mission and just handed in his papers like a week ago.  We are having a guessing game to see where he goes.  This is making me more excited for my own mission.  D&C 4:3-4.  (the he read the scripture) Some ways I am preparing for my mission is: Reading the scriptures, being good, getting up early, reading Preach my Gospel, and learning my Articles of Faith.  I myself just wanted to share a little experience.  I have been inviting a boy  named Tanner to come to church with me.  But he never says yes.  I am going to keep working on it.  I would like to bear my testimony.  I know the covenants are true.  I know it will be fun to go on a mission.  I am excited to see where I will go.  Say these things ..... 

A couple of weeks ago at a youth fireside, we were encouraged to read Preach My Gospel with the family to prepare them to go on a mission.  Dave and I already had one, and we have had a few FHE lessons with it.  Then Cora got hers with her YW activity.  Last week when we were having dental appointments we stopped at the Book Store and got Leah and Blake a copy also.  We have started at the beginning and have been reading it each morning along with our scripture study..  Blake especially is loving this and is so excited to grab his copy and read along with us.

I am grateful for our church leaders.  I know they are inspired and are helping us teach our children what Jesus needs them to know.  They do a wonderful job of coming up with great lessons for them every week. I am grateful that my children love to go and are looking forward to it each Sunday and Tuesday when they get together with those in our ward.  I am grateful to a husband that helps us get up early and make sure we read and the example he is to our children.  I am grateful to my parents for how they raised me,the lessons they taught me at home growing up, and the love and support they show us..  I am grateful to my in-laws for raising such a wonderful man and the lessons they taught him and the love and support they also show for us.

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