Monday, December 16, 2013

Snowflakes and Stockings

I try to have a few craft things always available for when me kids need something to do.
This week we made snowflakes.

And decorated stockings.

I guess the kids have been working on a secret play they are going to perform Christmas day as well.  They will often sneak down stairs and close the doors so we can't hear them practicing.  Leah and Blake are having some serious issues with each other the last couple of months.  This keeps them occupied and not fighting.  That is always blissful.

It amazes me how long you can entertain kids with snowflakes.  We had a lot of fun. Dave has been home a lot in the last three weeks and my kids are loving it.  We know it will only last a little while longer and are taking advantage of it.  Saturday even tho he was home the entire day was spent on researching and writing his talk and doing the farm budget.  It is crazy how many hours that takes.  Sorting out all the GST and separating each expense for year end.  He is very good at keeping it all organized and making sure that our debt hole stays small instead of overwhelming us.  That afternoon was his work party.  I think it is great fun to have my sister attending the parties as well, so I had someone to sit with and talk to.  I am not that social and find those parties difficult.  It was a lot more fun this year having her there. Dave works with some great people and they seem to really like him and have a lot of respect and appreciation for him.  It was nice to see that side of my husband and see who he interacts with on a daily basis. We won a prize! Some games for the kids, a backpack and a restaurant gift certificate. When we got home he stayed up a couple more hours to finalize his talk.  Sunday he was gone before we woke up, but got home before we did.  Bishop came over to interview Cora for her dance card and he brought Christi.  We talked with them for a while.  It was nice.  I have missed that. Most of the day was spent like this.

Then we watched a movie and had a snack.  Last week of school for the kids and work for Dave before Christmas. We have school parties and Leah's play to attend. No basketball games this week, just practices and dental appointments. It is a little warmer out.

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  1. Love the snowflakes! Jason found templates online for starwar snowflakes he's going to make with the boys for Christmas. They love crafts too!