Monday, December 2, 2013

Wonderful Weekend

Saturday we slept in till 7 and stayed in our bed as the kids all piled on and talked with us until 8. It has been a very long time since we did that.  We had been invited to go with the Watmough's to the mountains to get a tree.  We really really wanted to go.  We talked over many different scenarios, but none of them were quite going to work.  Dave went to the farm and the kids and I cleaned house, got ready for Prelude and when Dave got home racked leaves.  Dave and I then headed to my parents for our Smith Adult Christmas Party.  We had a really nice dinner then exchanged white elephant gifts.  I called the kids as we left to let them know we were on the way and got no answer.  Of course I panicked, where could they be at 8:45 pm??  After a couple more calls Leah answered and said they didn't hear the phone and were getting ready for bed.  When we arrived home, Cora was still up.  She chatted with us for about 20 mins then we went to bed.  The last couple of weeks I have been wrapping presents and sticking them in a corner of my room.  As I went to get my pjs on I noticed they were all gone.  I asked Cora where all the presents where.  She smiled and said downstairs.  I went to find out why.  Watmough's had brought us back a tree.  It was all set up in the stand, with plastic, and tree skirt and presents underneath.  Was that not the nicest thing ever! It was an awesome surprise.  Dave was very impressed that the kids found the stand and got it up with no help.  Trevor had helped stand it up and cut it to the right size. The kids had worked really hard to vacuum and sweep all the needle evidence away so we would be surprised.  When I called they had been out in the garage getting the stand.:)
Yesterday with the exception of a two hour break for travel and lunch we were at the church from 9:15 am to 9:30 pm.  It was Prelude to Christmas  Cora and Blake where very helpful getting everything ready and moving tables and chairs.  When we asked Leah to do something she did it first time.  It was a wonderful, long day.  Many beautiful numbers and we had way to much food.  I was very worried we would run out, but didn't need to at all.  Rachel, Jared, Amber, Myrna and Emry came.  I didn't have much of a chance to talk with anyone, but it was nice of them to come.  My parents where supposed to come but their car died on the way and they had to get towed back home.  I knew something had happened because I knew 100% that if my mom was in that church building her first stop would have been the kitchen to see if I needed help, since she knew I was in charge of all the food. Second would have been the bathroom:) But she had not poked her head in and I was worried that something had happened.  They had tried to message us but it did not come through. As soon as I got done and cleaned up I called and got the scoop.  All was well.
Today the kids had a day off school.  Theirs was a scheduled day, but everywhere around us school was cancelled.  We are in the midst of a blizzard.  We have decorated for Christmas, played Christmas music and had hot chocolate with our lunch.  These are HUGE mugs that we got at the white elephant exchange from mom.  Leah said they were as big as her head and we should have soup in them.  I thought that an excellent idea. So big we only had half a cup. Last year the peppermint whipped cream was such a hit that it was requested again.  We made a bunch Friday and froze it in dollops to just throw in.  The kids love drinking it that way.  Lasts longer in the hot chocolate.  

Dave just came home early from work and said it was really really scary out there.  He drove 20-50 all the way and said he still feels like he is full of adrenalin.  No way he is going to Calgary tonight.  Thank goodness, I was worried.  We are going to decorate the tree, watch a movie and play games.  Glad everyone is safe and sound and we are together. It is a great day to be inside.


  1. Sounds like a very fun snow day. I'm so glad Dave isn't going to try and drive up here tonight - scary! I'm anxious for all of my family to make it home.

  2. What a nice surprise to come home to!! We are so glad we could come last night. It was the perfect start to the Christmas Season.

  3. I love the frozen peppermint whip cream idea! sounds good. I love snow days. We are having another one today too:) Oh and the prelude to music was amazing. The food was so good, especially those yummy cheese balls. Thank you for putting that all together:)

  4. Another snow day today!!! We have drifts at our house that are 3 ft tall!!! I like the idea about the whipped cream and hot chocolate!! Great!

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