Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Snow Day

Yesterday was a snow day.  The schools were open but we were told that they would not be having regular classes and every family was to make their own decision based on safety.  Leah wanted to stay home.  Blake took a very long time to decide. Cora wanted to go. Until she found out that we would be walking there since Dave had needed to take the Tahoe to work.  So everybody stayed and we had a great day together.
Yesterday I was very jealous of all the snow blowers and 4-wheelers with shovels on the front. Our neighbor did do part of our front walk with his and it was very helpful.  Dave shoveled for an hour before work and I went out for another 1 1/2 hours in the after noon. Then he finished before bed.  Little sore this morning.

One day I am going to have a beautiful white tree skirt and this village will be set up under my tree.  That is what I have always wanted to do with it.

I don't immediately jump in to help my kids with big word when they are reading.  I let them struggle for a while with it.  I want them to really work to learn it.  After at least 4 tries we work on it together. Not many words stump them in the scriptures anymore, but yesterday we were reading and Cora was sounding out a word, I can't remember what, and Blake jumped in and told her what it was. She laughed with us at herself:)  Leah has been rearranging my Merry Christmas blocks to make as many words as she can.  Leah's list was: rest, cram, scram, mat.  Blake's word: Chemistry.

Nobody wanted to go outside with Blake and build a snowman so we did one inside.

I ran as the kids watched Johnny Lingo.  We did laundry and played some games.  The kids did some Christmas crafts. Blake made hazelnut truffles. I made a batch of fondant and divided it to make vanilla and orange. Cora helped turn the fondant and finished Leah's Christmas present. We where going to make bread and peppermint patties but ran out of time.  I'll save that for when they are out before Christmas. Leah wasn't feeling super great and did a lot of reading.

Tree topping was Blake's turn this year.

Dinner was shake and bake pork chops, roasted cauliflower and Mandarin oranges. Everybody helped.  Lots of playing with Lego and I started Leah's elf costume. Of course there was some hot chocolate drinking as well.

Besides school we missed YW, cubs, Cora's first ball game and piano, but had an awesome Snow Day.


  1. You have so much fun together! Love all of you. Grandma P

  2. You have so much fun together ,love all of you. Grandma P

  3. Looks like you all got the storm that hit us down here. quit the duzzy. Love the holidays and al that it means.