Monday, December 9, 2013

A Christmas Carol and a bit more.

Friday was my shopping day with Cora.  Again she picked out great gifts and we had fun together.  It was her last gymnastics this session.  She has come a long way this time and learned to do many things.  We plan to keep her in if we can and I will just make her gymnastics day my shopping day so we can travel down.  Saturday we had a wonderful breakfast did some quick cleaning then got all dressed up to go to Calgary.  When I was first engaged to Dave his family went to A Christmas Carol and invited me along.  We went a couple more years after wards but then I didn't think about it again until last year when Rachel mentioned she was taking her in laws.  I thought this would be a great thing to do with the kids since they were all over 8 this year. I thought I went on line to get tickets early but apparently not.  There was hardly anything left in a price range that I could pay.
Everyone had fun walking along the Sky Walk. Blake and Cora tried to jump every time a car would go underneath them.

We had front row seats.  We never saw their feet and sometimes could only see from the thigh up, but the kids loved it.  When the actors came to the front part of the stage they were so close we really could have reached out and touched their clothes sometimes.  Theatre Calgary did a few different things then I had seen before.  There was a Robinson Crusoe scene from a book he is reading that is really neat and a maid that was very interactive with Scrooge.  I really enjoyed how they did it.

We had wanted the kids to ride the C-Train since we had enjoyed it when Dave was in Calgary for his course.  There is a free zone that you don't have to pay for if you stay within about 10 blocks of down town Calgary.  The Theatre was at the very beginning and Moxie's was at the very end.  We got on and rode down, ate dinner and rode back.  We accidentally got out a stop early and had to walk 4 block.  It was cold.  Dave found a way to get back to the Sky Walk and that was much warmer.  It was really really fun.  The kids really enjoyed watching the play and eating out and the train. Next year I will have to look for tickets in July not September, they go fast.
With Dave being in the high council he has been put over our ward.  It was great to sit with him in early morning meetings again.  It does mean that we are back to having the kids at church at 8:30 and we put them in a room to entertain themselves quietly.  They set up all the Primary chairs and played hangman.  When we came out they were all sitting in the chapel waiting for us.  It is so much easier then when Blake was 2 months old or 2 years old.  That was not a really fun experience then.
After church and dinner yesterday, we played some games, watched a movie and then got ready for the Christmas Devotional.  We got in our pj's, made hot chocolate and peppermint whipped cream again, had crackers, apples, and carrots and settled down to watch in the comfort of our home.  Wonderful messages as always.  I look forward to the first presidency devotional every year.  
It is starting to warm up a bit outside. Last week we sat between -30 and -40 all week.  I heard that Saturday there were pockets around us that hit -50.  Glad I didn't find those. Today we are -9.  Yippee!!  Oh I forgot to tell you about our tree.  We enjoyed decorating it so much we did it twice.  Once before it fell over and again afterwards. My Christmas shopping is 100% complete, wrapped and under the tree.  The school is not having a Christmas Concert this year.  I am actually excited about that. Christmas cards are mailed.  I will post pictures in a couple more day.  Just want everyone to get a chance to get theirs.  Don't want to ruin the surprise.;) I have got Primary sorted out for the new year.  I can now relaxed and enjoy the parties and family time.  How is it going for all of you??

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  1. Show off! Just kidding. But I do wish I was as prepared as you are for Christmas. Glad you enjoyed the play - I looked too late and the tickets were just too expensive. Oh well, another year. That's too bad your tree fell over - did any ornaments break? Can't wait to see you all Boxing Day!