Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas 2013

Friday the kids and I anxiously waited for Dave to get home from work.  He was the last to arrive to start our Christmas vacation.  His work closes down for 10 days around Christmas and it is so fun to have him home.  We made a sign for him to break through when he got home to officially start the holiday.

Saturday the kids were all invited to a skating party.  Dave spent Friday and Saturday packing up his garage and mudding and taping it.  Getting all ready to paint.  He says the move is starting to feel real now that he is packing things up.  Dave needed a few things to proceed with his project and so ended up coming to town with us for the party.  He picked up his things and went with me to see my friend's new tiny little cute baby. Sunday was church and relaxing.  Monday we did a good clean of the house in prep for Christmas Eve.  Tuesday we straightened back up and laundry then got ready for Mom, Dad, and Myrna to arrive. 

I love how my table turned out. While we waited we played some Minute to Win it and other games.

Christmas Eve we always serve appetizers.  This time we had Bombay Chicken, Dry Pork Ribs, Potato Skins, 7 layer dip and chips, carrots, pineapple rings, oranges and Mom brought some wrap things that were very good.  For dessert we enjoyed Carmelitas.  A quick clean up and then on down the stairs.We acted out the nativity.

Leah was the narrator so she is behind everyone.  I was an angel. It was fun.  Everyone did a great job on their parts. I then read one of my favorite stories. After we opened our 'surprise' Christmas Eve gifts of PJ's.  Cora, Leah, and Blake have been working for almost 3 weeks on a play for us.  They had taken The Forgotten Carols story and acted it out.  Very cleverly done.  I was very impressed.
Mom and Dad then headed home, but Myrna was staying over with us. We set up our Hot Chocolate buffet and watched A Christmas Story.  Another Christmas Eve tradition.

Everyone then headed off to bed.  We started this morning with breakfast and Samuel the Lamanite telling us of Christ's birth to come.  Then down to open gifts.

It has been fun to stay home all day on Christmas.  Everyone has enjoyed using their new things and just relaxing. We had steak and hassleback potatoes for lunch.  It is so windy out that it was hard for Dave to BBQ the steaks nice.  BBQ would not heat up properly. I still thought they were good.  We then played a few games and Myrna headed home.  Blake has been playing his new wii game and helicopter. Cora has been hanging out. Leah is loving Salia's new outfit and keeps taking her outside because 'now she is warm':)

Dave enjoyed Salia's outfit also.

We are going to have left overs from yesterday and lunch for dinner then watch Ephraim's Rescue.  A gift from my parents that we have been waiting to see.  Boxing Day we are headed to Champion and looking forward to seeing everyone there.  Merry Christmas Everyone.  I hope it has been the best of days.

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