Thursday, August 29, 2013


Leah is a little over 5'1".  92 lbs and going into Grade 6.  She is 11 years old.  I have had a hard time deciding what to write about Leah.  She is constantly contradicting her previous behaviour.  90% of the time we have to ask and ask and fight and scold and threaten for her to do any work at all. Yet this whole week she has spent in the garage cleaning it up for Dad.  She likes to straighten other peoples house and do little favors for them.  I think the key is I can't ever ask her to do anything.  She is desperately looking forward to when she gets asked to babysit so she can earn money. And wants to do a youth talk so bad.  All this month if I have asked her to grab me something, or help with something it has been done first time.  Not table setting though.  She can avoid that like crazy.  Leah is very funny. She is very quick and witty.  Little quiet remarks that if you are not paying attention you can easily miss.  She is bizarre and off the wall.  She constantly makes us laugh.

She loves listening to the radio.  Her favorite station is 107.7 FM  The River.  When told this year that they might only get one gift for Christmas and it had to be something that they could either put in a box 5 months later of would use so much it was worth keeping out.  All Leah wanted was to become a Rewards Listener Member with the River.  Her life goal is to become a DJ on the radio.  We often tease Leah about being out in la-la land.  But shes not.  She is very aware of what is going on around her, will even pretend sometimes that she isn't but later she will say something that makes you know that she knows.  Usually she just doesn't let things bother her or doesn't care.  She is very bright in school.  Her grades are always high.  The thing that brings them down is she takes FOREVER to do anything.  Often gets dock for being distracted.  Leah is our little missionary.  She is never afraid to tell anyone about the church or tell them they should fast, say prayer, ask them where they were Sunday etc. She can get a little preachy sometimes but is not scared.  She loves sport and is good at them, which surprised us.  Leah is perfectly happy to be by herself.  She has always been like this.  I think she just needs down time.  We will often find her in her room or the corner of the basement, playing with Salia or her Calico Critters as she listens to the River by earphone.  Leah is either extremely happy and fun or angry.  She can hold a grudge and bring it up years later. She has great fashion sense.  Most of her clothes are hand-downs from the Smith's or Natalie. (Thank you so much you two same my life)  She will take whatever she has and come up with some awesome outfits.  Leah can quote you just about any movie or commercial she has ever seen or heard.  Even if it was only once.  We love being around her and enjoy her very unique take on the world.


  1. What a great Idea to do for your children and there children. I enjoyed both reads very much. Thanks for sharing. Cant wait for Cora. It would be fun if you did Dave and yourself.

  2. So great! I loved our chats while camping - Leah is so cute!!!